12 Influencers That Will Teach You How to Start a Business

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12 Influencers That Will Teach You How to Start a Business

No one can talk about a business better than a successful entrepreneur. Useful business content has always been valuable and, fortunately, today it is in the public domain. Hundreds of enthusiasts, from marketing fraudsters with questionable backgrounds to real Forbes billionaires, share their success stories and secrets on social media.

Business influencers motivate and inspire us to find answers to many questions. Their content is of great interest, especially for those who are just planning to launch their own company. Below, you will find a guide on 12 business influencers whose credibility is simply amazing.

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TED Talks

In fact, TED Talks is an entire collection of influencers gathered on one channel. These videos are suitable for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. Featuring speakers like Tony Robbins and Amy Cuddy, TED Talks cover a wide range of topics. There, you will find everything, from business thinking and overcoming limiting beliefs to future trends and top-notch technologies. 

Marie Forleo

On her channel, life coach Marie Forleo helps people achieve their goals and change their realities. While sharing new ideas and strategies, Marie meets other well-known entrepreneurs and business leaders. They talk about everything from productivity to business and technology, including spirituality.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a bestselling author and world-recognized speaker whose channel is a great source for anyone who wants to upgrade their life both professionally and financially. Tracy focuses on personal growth and shares information on goal setting, productivity, success, and self-discipline. So hurry up to make yourself a cup of your favorite coffee, send your homework to the best write my essay services and dive into the business world fully. 

Robin Sharma

Popular writer and leadership expert Robin Sharma shares how to build a business the right way, fight procrastination, allocate resources correctly and believe in yourself after failure. Young entrepreneurs should certainly read “The Leader Who Had No Title” and “The Greatness Guide: 101 Lessons for Making What's Good at Work and in Life Even Better” to know which type of thinking will lead you to success. 

Dan Martell

Dan Martell is an entrepreneur, investor, and marketer with a wide variety of skills. No matter what topic you want to learn more about branding or working with a remote team, venture capital, or unusual strategies, his channel covers many areas that are relevant for entrepreneurs. It will be especially useful to beginners.

Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern, head and founder of the Social Triggers marketing company, personally runs the company's YouTube channel. On this resource, he gives advice on how a businessman can beat the competition, how to stop making excuses and improve communication with the media. Derek’s channel will be a great addition to your online curriculum as all his tips are tested in practice.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

When it comes to creating online content, Sunny Lenarduzzi is a true professional. From branding to tips on how to be your own boss, the Lenarduzzi channel is an amazing place for anyone looking to build their brand and create something special.

Roberto Blake

This channel is suitable for anyone who is looking for a way to approach business creatively. Blake is a graphic designer, author and marketer, and his videos are for professionals who are focused on creating something exquisite. He shares tutorials on topics ranging from how to grow your audience and build a name for yourself, to narrower subjects like how to make videos look great. 

Brendon Burchard

Bestselling author and personal trainer Brandon Burchard aims at helping his followers develop professionally. His channel covers topics such as business motivation, getting out of one’s comfort zone, positive thinking, and more.

Forbes magazine named Brendon the world's leading coach. By the way, Amazon named his book “High Performance Habits” one of the best works on business and leadership.

Brendon's blog on Instagram covers a lot of useful information. There, the author shares his keys to success and tips on how to reveal your potential to the fullest.

Jeff Bezos

The head and founder of Amazon made his first Instagram post in 2017, and over time, gained over 4 million followers. Bezos doesn’t offer direct advice, but his account is a reflection of a busy businessman’s life. In the blog, he shares his views on world events, news about the development of his companies and opinions on various conferences and business events. Follow him for a daily dose of inspiration.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a recognized expert in negotiation, leadership psychology and productivity. One of the features of Tony's content is that it is relatable to everyone. In his posts, you can find many motivating and inspiring texts, tips for personal growth and plans on how to build a strong brand.

Richard Branson

British entrepreneur, founder of the Virgin Group, philanthropist and adventurer Richard Branson is one of the richest people and a good motivator for business start-ups. On his Instagram page, you can find quality business recommendations and advice based on life experience.

To Wrap It Up

Entrepreneurship is a field that requires us to study non-stop to become recognizable. Fortunately, you can follow the world's leading businessmen and learn about their professional victories and failures through social networks. Each expert on our list is prominent in a particular area and has something to share.

By exploring the pages of business influencers, you can avoid many widespread mistakes and think through the strategies that will work for you only. Indeed, today Instagram and YouTube are not only a source of entertainment, but platforms for incredible self-growth.

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