5 Essential Benefits of Intranet for Digital Workforce

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5 Essential Benefits of Intranet for Digital Workforce

There are many things that make a business successful. However, one of the most valuable assets that any modern company can have is information. The technology has made it crucially important to stay informed and up to date with the latest business trends. Businesses can simply disappear overnight because they do not have a way to communicate and share relevant information effectively within the organization. However, that shouldn’t be a problem considering the latest solutions such as an intranet. An intranet is a private network that enables people to have access to information in a much more streamlined yet secure manner. The information is curated by the company, and everyone who is authorized on the network can share it and contribute. Implementing an intranet solution has become a must-have in the modern industry because more and more companies are hiring remote workers. The private network allows for easier onboarding and cross-department communication in order to meet the demands of the modern market. Here is a closer look at the essential benefits of using an intranet solution for your digital workforce. 

Instant messaging

Digital communication has been around for quite some time. However, there was always a strong division between the communication modalities used for private matters and the ones used for business purposes. Namely, businesses have always leveraged e-mail as the more formal communication option. However, the modern business landscape is much more dynamic and most often there is no time for such formality. Information has to be shared urgently so that new demands and changes can be adequately assessed.  That is why intranet solutions will have embedded instant messaging. For instance, when someone has to make a quick decision about a core feature on a project, it is best to ask for a colleague’s advice via instant messaging. 

Automating paperwork

Everyone has had to send an official form to the human resources department at least once. This can be a very tedious and time-consuming procedure that takes away valuable productivity time. Implementing an intranet platform can enable employees to maintain cross-department communication just as well. For instance, calling in sick for work can be much less nerve-wracking by simply filling out an automated report. Filing requests is also now a streamlined process. The HR department can send out forms to all of the employees at once, where they can request vacation time. Once this is completed, the forms are sent back to HR. The team can have a much easier time processing the information.


There is an ongoing trend of finding work remotely. For instance, many IT experts from India are finding amazing job offers in Australia. However, once hired the process is not so straightforward. There is always a challenge with onboarding remote workers. Luckily, the use of reliable intranet software in Australia is on the rise, delivering an agile onboarding experience and allowing newly hired employees to get a smooth start. This is how great businesses minimize downtime and keep their employees happy. All of the necessary paperwork can be simply filed using the company’s secure network for quick processing. All that is required is to provide the new hires with login details so that they can get on board as soon as possible. In addition, a good part of the initial process is going to involve mandatory training. An intranet platform can be used to deliver training materials swiftly. The HR department can easily monitor the progress and keep everyone posted by publishing company-wide posts. The section should be isolated from the rest of the materials to avoid clutter.  

Managing events

In a tech-oriented office, it can be easy to overlook physical notes and notice boards. Constantly checking e-mail is not an efficient method either. However, the need to inform everyone in the company about upcoming events is still there. Intranet solutions solve this problem by allowing project managers to post important dates on a centralized calendar section on the platform. It is also possible to manage event attendance. The platform can serve as a formal invitation to everyone, where they can simply mark if they are attending or not. Intranet features allow companies to schedule meetings completely remotely so that attendance can be high, regardless of where your workforce is based. 

Growing a community

Apart from all the technical details that a job entails, there is also the social aspect of working in a company. An intranet network platform serves to bridge the gap between employees and CEOs. Using a CEO blog, it is possible to have an open discussion about various topics and allow your employees to feel like they are truly a part of your organization. This is a great way to discuss any issues, raise concerns, and develop some amazing new ideas. An intranet platform functions much like a social network, where not every conversation is going to be about the job. There is a separate section where employees can post about various topics outside of work. For instance, it is possible to arrange get-togethers or organize fund-raisers for charity events within the organization where good efforts can be recognized and rewarded by the management. 

A business is successful only insofar as there is great communication established within the organization. This means that everyone from management and employees to stakeholders can openly communicate with one another. With access to appropriate information at the right time, it is possible to unlock amazing potential for your business. Luckily, making this idea into a reality is much more actionable using an intranet solution for your digital workforce, no matter where your employees are located.


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