8 Solutions To Scale Task Management In Complex Projects

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8 Solutions To Scale Task Management In Complex Projects

Complex project management is one of the most challenging parts to conquer in an everyday task. In simple words, complex projects are those that are inundated with challenges and several uncertainties, as compared to simple projects.

Although it should be noted that every project is different and comes with tasks or subtasks, now the project manager has to successfully manage the task with maximal efficiency. The project management strategies foster organizational skills to start the things that are incredibly useful for keeping the project on track when pressure is at its peak.

Here are some clear, complex management strategies to help to mitigate the risk of mismanagement in a highly complex or hairy project environment. 

1. Form A Competent Team

Complex projects are best managed by highly productive individuals. Every company requires a great team because they are highly responsive to complete the project on time. Creating a positive and thriving team environment fetches trust between co-workers, which makes them understand their roles and position.

Moreover, it is important to include members in your team who are previously working on a large project, as their experience and skills make a zeal to solve and tackle the challenges.

2. Define A Mutual Project Goal

Your aims and objectives won't be accomplished until you do not set mutual goals. Tell your team members where your project is direct and what you need to achieve. Then make sure that everyone in the team is working according to the described motive. This practice will bring solutions to cope with the project issues.

3. Distributes Jobs & Responsibilities

Before allocating or delegating the task, it is important to remove all the misunderstandings regarding task allocation and management. You need to clearly define everyone's role and responsibilities in the project.

In addition, it is important to allocate the right task to the right people who have the suitable skills to perform the task effectively. This aligns their effort in one direction and builds a sense of responsibility to work with a more focused mind rather than being confused.

4. Arrange The Necessary Resources

You should note what the right sources are. You will need to run your project. If you don't have enough resources at the time, then your team will struggle to manage it. Determine the skills required to work effectively. This will help to find out whether you need to outsource to get skilled or experienced people.

Being an experienced project manager is not enough. You need to focus on resources because resource requirements throughout the project ensure you have enough staffing levels.

5. Set The Time Limit

As a project manager, it is critical to define a deadline to each member of your team. These deadlines shall be assigned based on the kind of work assigned to them. It will be much better if you can divide the complete task into multiple categories and assign a deadline for each. This will keep all the tasks on track and remove undue stress on the project team.

6. Go With Kanban Planning

There is no doubt that it is one of the good ways to plan your task and project by using the Kanban Board. According to Crowd Writer UK, the Kanban Board provides a visual representation of the task manager. For example, the visual representation provided by Kanban can answer all the questions, like what projects are currently being worked on and what is coming next.

using the board view 6

This is what Workast has to offer. A complete digital board where you can analyze what's going on and tasks that need to be catered ahead.

7. Leverage Technology

If you are curious about organizing tasks at work or keeping things in the right place, then you need to have a powerful collaboration tool and project management software that enable you to complete the task in a centralized location.

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Advanced features like chatting, task management, and team handling can save you from the trouble of handling outdated task management. Moreover, it makes it easy for the team member to monitor task status and project progress with the feature-rich software solution.

8. Keep Monitoring The Progress

We all agree that one of the challenging aspects of complex project management is monitoring the progress. To see whether the system you have designed is working or not and whether the team are able to perform successfully, you need to follow each and every member of the team.

According to the survey conducted by Dissertation Assistance UK, 76 percent of projects fail because managers are unable to carry things on track and assess them properly. With proper monitoring, you will be adding zest in setting goals, allocating tasks and setting deadlines before check-in. This will facilitate the team and project manager to identify congestion and resolve them in time. 

Some Bonus Tips

1. Maintain A Positive Team Environment

The research conducted by Assignment Assistance reflects the importance of communication between teams, and it also justifies why it is an important strategy for a complex project.

As a project manager, it is the foremost step to streamline trusted and positive collaboration between members to create a positive and uplifting environment that every team member respects and cares about to produce great results.

2. Offer Reward Against The Progress

One of the longest ways to maintain motivation is to create a reward-based organization. If you can do that correctly, your employee will understand how their work is important for the organization. This makes them realize that to work they do, makes a difference itself.

3. Always Welcome Feedback

The thing which plays a vital role in complex project management is feedback. There is always a way of improvement, and it is only made possible in two ways.

Firstly, you need to give feedback to the organization whenever you think it is the right time.

And secondly, ask them to give feedback on the work progress and overall things. Doing this will enable you to achieve the best possible result.

Never hesitate to give your feedback and always accept it from the team.

4. Never Forget The Risks

You cannot hope to progress unless you can understand the risks of complex project management. Be ready to accept the fact that every time things will not happen as you think. You have to consider the negative consequences. This will help to maintain a strategy for every possible scenario.

5. Do Not Multitask - Focus On One Task At A Time

If you think you can achieve more with multitasking, then you are wrong. When you allocate your attention toward more than one direction, then you are diverting your focus. At the same time, lots of research suggests that multitasking reduces cognitive abilities.


Complex project management is essential for every project manager as well as for the team members. Having a good look at the project management features builds a dynamic and flexible skill to stop procrastination and perform productively on every project plan.

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