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Podcast Project Management

Project management is all about the knowing the ins and outs of your company or business project. As a major part of your project team, being a project manager is about taking on new challenges and improvising whenever time isn’t on your side. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

In fact, many podcasts are dedicated to show you what project management is like. You’ll hear from experts in the field and current project managers. But today, we’ll show you 9 of the best project management podcasts to date: 

1. Manage This 

“Hosted by expert project managers Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, this podcast talks about various topics in project management,” says Cassidy James, a productivity blogger at Simplegrad and Via Writing. “From learning from thought leaders to managing project teams, this podcast will open your eyes to many things that you might not have known about project management. No matter the subject, listeners will get a wealth of information about this ever-growing industry.”

Recent episodes of Manage This include:

How to Launch, Lead, and Sponsor Successful Projects

Managing Complexity – The Complex Project Toolkit, AND

Work Better Together – Improving Workplace Productivity

2. People And Projects Podcast 

One of the most popular project management podcasts in the industry so far, the People and Projects Podcast doesn’t shy away from the topics surrounding project managers and teams. This podcast will cover anything and everything from leadership, to management, to worse-case scenarios involving project management. 

Recent episodes include:

How to Work Less Hours and Get More Done

How to Influence Your Boss, Stakeholders, and Team, AND

Lessons from a Successful Project Manager, with Donna Gregorio

3. Project Management Happy Hour 

Hosted by Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson, the Project Management Happy Hour covers real-life issues surrounding project management, and how to resolve them with sensible solutions. Therefore, why go above and beyond in project management, when you have this great podcast? 

Recent episodes include:

Top Tips from a Project Management Coach, with Heather Gates

The Project Behind a Movie, AND

A 12 Pack of Alignment Hacks with Tim Creasey – a 2-part episode

4. 5 Minutes Project Management

Don’t have a lot of time on your hands as a project manager? You’re not alone! 

The 5 Minutes Project Management podcast is there to pick you up! With 5-minute-long episodes, you’ll get a day’s worth of content on project management. Think of this podcast as a project management bible in your pocket! 

Recent episodes include:

Are Product Management and Project Management the Same Thing?

How to Write a Great Problem Statement, AND

3 Simple Ways to Improve your Experience with Projects

5. Project Management Paradise 

Need some sort of paradise from the normal hustle and bustle, project managers? Then tune in to the Project Management Paradise podcast!

Whether your team is struggling to obtain funding for your projects, or if you’re not sure how to lead your team when times are tough, this podcast has your back. With many guest project management experts at the roundtable, there are many topics to explore on this podcast. 

Recent episodes include:

Digital Transformation in Construction and Engineering

Governance of Public Sector Projects, AND

How to Understand and Manage the Challenges of Remote Leadership

6. Project Chatter

Hosted by two project managers named Val and Dale, Project Chatter is all about showing you the ins and outs of project management. Unfiltered and down to earth, this podcast has your project management inquiries covered, and you’ll learn tips and tricks from experts around the world. 

Recent episodes include:

Gardeners Not Mechanics: How To Cultivate Lasting Change

Risk in Endurance Events and the Relevance to Construction, AND

Productivity, Prioritization, and Focus

7. The Sensible Project Manager Podcast

Now, this podcast is more for beginning project managers. However, it wouldn’t hurt more experienced project managers to listen to this podcast.

The Sensible Project Manager Podcast is hosted by Mark Phillipy, a man who knows project management from the back of his hand. With much experience on his belt, he’ll show you the day-to-day going-ons of being a project manager. Plus, he’ll show you how to set the right goals for project management, and how you can learn from some of his life lessons as a project manager. 

Recent episodes include:

Building Trust as a Project Manager

Project Communications, AND

Applying Project Management Behaviors as an Aspiring Project Manager

8. The Biker PM

“If you’re the owner of a small business, or a business owner in general, The Biker PM is the podcast for you,” says Jasmine Williams, a journalist at Studydemic and RatedWriting. “The podcast will cover many unique issues that many business owners, including those of small businesses, have to deal with on a regular basis. The host Anthony Pavelich will also tell you about his own experiences as a business owner. In this way, business owners from companies big and small can learn from others.”

Recent episodes of this podcast cover the following topics:

Freelance work in project management

How the pandemic has transformed project management, AND

Starting a new project management venture

9. The Lazy Project Manager

Finally, learn project management from the master himself – Peter Taylor. The author of three best-selling books Productive Laziness, The Lazy Winner, and The Lazy Project Manager, Taylor has a wonderful podcast to share to those who want to learn more about this evolving industry. From tech trends, to various business practices, to life lessons, Taylor’s wisdom and experience make for a fabulous recipe in project management knowledge. 

The Lazy Project Manager is real, honest, and transparent when it comes to project management. So, if you’ll look for great knowledge about the industry, then allow Taylor to share his wisdom!

Recent episodes of The Lazy Project Manager include:

Taylor on Personal Productivity

Taylor’s 10 Years of Being Lazy, AND

Getting up to some Funny Business


So, there you have it! 

Project management is evolving every day. So, it’s no wonder that many podcasts are dedicated to this expanding industry.

So, whether you’re a project manager, or someone who’s been in the project management scene for a while now, these 9 podcasts are a great way to enjoy the work that you do! We hope you’ll tune in and learn something great!

Happy listening! 

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