Can you create tasks in Slack?

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Can you create tasks in Slack

Slack is a messaging app that connects team members in the workplace. It is one of the most popular work management apps for small to medium businesses and corporate workplaces.

Slack supports asynchronous work. Work is usually organised into channels so that team members can access information they need at their own time. In saying that, Slack is amazing for communication and team work, but can you create tasks in Slack? Read on to learn more

Can you create tasks in Slack?

Natively, you cannot create actionable tasks in Slack. There are, however, Slack apps and integrations that can be installed into the Slack workspace that will allow you and your team to create tasks in Slack.

Workast is a task management app that integrates with Slack that allows teams using Slack to create tasks in Slack. Tasks can be created in Slack, and the tasks can be assigned to a team member and a due date set. By using an integration like Workast, it creates actionable tasks in Slack. By assigning a team member to the task, the team member is notified of the task. When a due date is set, the team member is reminded of the task when it is due so that no work is missed.

To create a task in Slack with Workast:


Install Workast into your Slack workspace.


Go to a Slack channel where you want to create a task


Type /todo and press enter. This will bring up the task composer (below).


Type the task details and click on create.


The task is created in a Slack channel so all team members know exactly what needs to be done. This is a great way to ensure that team members can see their responsibilities and ensure the work is done on time.

Workast helps teams to organise their team work by making it possible for teams to create tasks inside Slack channels.

To learn more about creating tasks in Slack, install Workast into your Slack workspace and view the Quick Start Guide.

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