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Webex is a leading provider of cloud-based collaboration solutions which includes video meetings, calling, messaging, events, customer experience solutions like contact center and purpose-built collaboration devices. Webex enables customers to collaborate with their colleagues and customers around the globe to get work done. This is where Workast comes in to help assist customers  with the full life cycle of work management. 

Workast Integration in Webex 

Workast has launched an embedded app within Webex to allow teams to create and manage teamwork within Webex. With Workast and Webex, teams can:

Create and assign tasks in a Webex space 

Set due dates on a task and receive reminders of the task in Webex 

Complete tasks in a Webex space 

Manage projects and tasks on a board, calendar or timeline 

View all the tasks completed by team members in a Webex space 

Workast integrates directly into a Webex space so team members can create and manage teamwork directly inside Webex - no more switching between different apps to create tasks. 

The Workast and Webex integration is a seamless workflow. When having a conversation in Webex, simply click on Tasks to create a task for the team. 

The days before Webex and Workast

There are many different options for task management outside of Webex. This involves creating a separate account with the task management app, creating a new username and password, and then getting the team onboard to a separate app outside of their workflow and communication platform. 

When having a conversation in Webex, team members will need to open the task management app to create a task. Then switch between apps to see what work they need to do. 


With Workast and Webex, Workast tasks are deeply integrated inside the Webex interface so team members can switch from Messages and Tasks seamlessly. 

Having an integrated task management app inside of Webex allows team members to focus on work that needs to be done without having to switch between different apps. Team members can quickly and easily see what work they are assigned under Tasks in Webex, and can continue the conversation within Webex. 

Traditional task management apps pull team members outside of their workflow. The Workast integration in Webex allows team members to continue work management inside the apps they love. 

How the Workast <> Webex integration works

To get started with Workast, install Tasks by Workast into a Webex space. Workast is separated into spaces and each Webex space will have its own Workast space. A Workast space is where tasks live. 

Visit the help center for step-by-step instructions to add Workast to Webex.  

Add Workast to Webex

Workast is free to get started within Webex. No credit card required. 

Make teamwork simple with Workast