Does Slack have a task manager?

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Does Slack have a task manager

Slack is a popular work-chatting tool that is used for team communication. It's helpful to get in touch with team members directly through Slack and keep track of tasks. Often team members find it difficult to manage these priorities when these tasks are written in a Slack message. This is because tasks can get forgotten about and team members are not reminded of the tasks that they have on hand. There is also not one central place for the team member to view all their tasks and daily work.

There are a few different ways that you can manage your tasks in Slack. In this post, we'll look at what these are and how you can utilize them to stay on top of your teams daily workflow.

Does Slack have a task manager?

Slack does not natively have it's own task manager. There are however, a variety of different apps in the Slack marketplace that can be added to the Slack workspace to turn Slack into a task management application for your team.

Slack integrates with all sorts of task management apps – from ones you already use to new apps that can help your team stay focused. These apps can send important reminders, up-to-date notifications and more into Slack, or allow you to create new tasks from where you’re already collaborating with your team.

How to create tasks in Slack

Work in Slack happens in collaborative spaces called channels. Conversations related to your tasks stay organised in the appropriate channel for that project or initiative, allowing you to focus on specific tasks and manage your time as needed.

You can set deadlines for your team members so they don't have to remember them themselves—the app will do it for them! You can also assign tasks to specific people or share them with the whole team so everyone knows what needs to get done next.

The first step in creating a task in Slack is to install the task management app of your choice. Here are a few of our favourite task management apps in Slack:

For this example we will show how to create a task in Slack using Workast. Once Workast is installed into the Slack workspace, everyone in the team can start using Workast.

Tasks are created in Slack channels or in direct messages. The team members who are participants in the Slack channel or direct message can view and interact with the task.

To create a task in Slack with Workast:


Type /todo and then the task: This will create the task that is written.

E.g. /todo Create report for Q3


Press enter to create the task in the channel.


Other ways to create a task in Slack include:

Create a task by filling out the task composer form

Create a task in Workast web app.

Is there a to-do list in Slack?

Slack has a task manager integration that allows you to create tasks, assign them to team members and track their progress.

Creating tasks in Slack can help team members manage their workload and priorities. It will help them know what work needs to be done.

Team members can easily see all the tasks that are assigned to them. They can also add notes and attachments to the task which helps with their own productivity.

Managers can keep track of who is doing what with greater transparency and reporting.

With Workast, you can view a to-do list in Slack. Simply go to the channel that has tasks and type /todo list. The to-do list will appear in the Slack channel. From here, tasks can be completed without having to leave Slack.


Workast is among a growing number of apps that allow you to create and manage tasks directly from Slack.

It makes it easy to add descriptions, due dates, and assignees all from a familiar interface—but with the added bonus of creating a permanent record for your team, whether or not they are online at the time of your message.

Making managing team work easier by installing Workast into your Slack workspace today.

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