Effective Early Talent Strategies Can Solve Talent Shortages

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Effective Early Talent Strategies Can Solve Talent Shortages

One of your company's most valuable assets is your employees, who ultimately determine the success or failure of all your efforts. 

Employees determine what your customers see at first glance and what your partners have to do. They are valuable assets to the company, but even if they are physically replaceable, their skills and knowledge are not. Therefore, the value they bring to the company should be reflected in the way you treat them.

The following are some of the key reasons why people are considered a valuable asset to a company:

1. Employees are essential for the provision of goods or services.

2. They are the first customers of any company.

3. They give 100 percent to each organization.

4. They are the face of the organization.

5. They are the basis of a strong and long-standing organization.

6. If your employees are motivated, they can significantly impact the situation.

7. They contribute significantly to the profit and value of the company.

But what if you make the wrong hiring decision for your company? New hires are difficult. Sometimes we get it all wrong, and we end up hiring a bad person who doesn't fit the role. It's the hiring manager's responsibility to give that person the best chance to succeed in their new role because the time and money you've invested in the process is already a sunk cost- not to mention the emotional turmoil caused by firing an employee. So take as much time as you can to make it work.

If you don't want the hiring process to end as a failure, you should implement some strategies to hire the best candidates. Recruiting top talent requires a combination of creativity and diligence, and technology makes it easier. Below are some of the strategies you should follow for a better hiring process:


Treat applicants as clients

When employers take more than a week to respond to applicants, they are more likely to lose top talent to competitors. We need to stop this immediately and use one of the best recruiting strategies, which is to treat applicants like customers. For example, we should respond to applications, maintain their interest, solicit their comments, etc., with the intention not to let any top talented employee slip off your hands. Also, remember that after setting the date and time of the interview, always keep them updated on the upcoming steps. 


Implement an employee referral program

Finding new employees can take a lot of time and effort. Implementing an employee referral program and building a strong alumni network with EnterpriseAlumni can improve the quality of your new hires while saving money on hiring. Employee referrals produce candidates who perform better and stay with the company longer.One of the advantages of such a program is that it can bring to your company people who can bring other characteristics which may not be prevalent in the existing staff and fit in with your company’s culture.  


It's crucial to use social media

The use of social media in recruiting is very helpful. Social recruiting promotes a two-way dialogue and enables you to share job postings with your entire network. This shows that online reputation building is a huge step in this game. It is a great source for others to find your company and get informed about open job positions that you are offering. However, the way you market it is the next important step that people usually pay attention to.


Write engaging job descriptions

One of the most important steps in the hiring process is creating a strong and comprehensive job description. Some strategies for attracting applicants are: Start with a short, interesting job description, avoid extreme or superlative modifiers, and focus on growth and development in your duties. Also, involve current employees in the process of creating the job description. 


Use sponsored jobs to stand out

One of the best ways to make sure your job posting continues to stand out is with a sponsored post. Sponsored posts are paid listings that appear more frequently in relevant search results.


Review resumes published online

Employers can quickly locate applicants by specifying a job title or need along with a city, state, or zip code. By using criteria such as work experience and education level, they can reduce the number of results. And that's a pretty effective tactic.


Company page claim importance

Applicants can get a better idea of your employer brand and what it's like to work for you by following your page to get information about new jobs and by leaving reviews written by former employees. In addition, company pages provide a comprehensive list of your job openings, making it easier for job seekers to find available positions.

You can respond to reviews, edit your page, and add your employer branding by claiming your company page.


Hire an employer of record

The first question is “what is an employer of record?” A company or other entity known as an "employer of record" is legally responsible for paying employees, handling taxes, benefits, insurance, visa and sponsorship applications, and many other transactions and activities related to human resources.

There are three main benefits to using a record employer.


savings in time and indirect costs


better compliance for domestic and international scenarios


lower risk, as the employer of record, bears the majority of the employer's risks.


Involve peers in the interview process

Sometimes the person conducting the interview is someone who currently holds the same or a related position. This person can confirm if the applicant has the qualifications and experience to successfully fill the position because they already know what is required to successfully fill it.


The hiring process is quite delicate and should be carefully considered because if the wrong person is hired, it will cost you dearly, both financially and in other ways. Since it is the people who make the success or failure of a company, we should use ways to hire the best people, such as treating applicants like customers, writing an interesting job description, selecting an employee with experience, using a company website, and other methods to find the most suitable employees.

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