The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Work Meetings More Fun

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Guide To Making Your Work Meetings More Fun

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Work Meetings More Fun

To a certain degree, businesses follow a grid of processes depending on the products/services they offer. Many of them coordinate as a team to get the job done with the utmost quality while being on time, from sharing ideas to assigning tasks based on employees' job roles and skill sets through onsite and virtual work meetings.

Work meetings can be beneficial in the workplace. They enable team leaders to present up-to-date data on new company policies and programs and each employee's performance and productivity. Aside from that, such activities can make team members feel like their contribution and well-being matter, paving the way for more physical and virtual happy hour ideas which can improve their team collaboration.

If you're about to organize a work meeting with your colleagues, consider checking out this article to make the activity more fun.


Start With Icebreaker Activities

The ‘Getting right into business’ approach may be a decent technique to start a work meeting. But the gathering might not go smoothly because of certain factors like awkwardness in opening the discussion, personal problems, and other distractions. 

For example, a team member having a rough day may have difficulties keeping track of information shared during a meeting because their minds are preoccupied with stress, which is understandable. After all, being professional may be a standard while committing oneself to work. Still, there will be times when personal problems become unbearable to a certain degree that such issues can affect an employee's work. With that said, employee conditioning can come in handy through ‘Icebreaker Activities.’ 

Icebreakers allow an organizer to initiate an entertaining exercise for employees, which lights up their mood before moving on to the main objective of the work meeting. And one of the activities you might want to try out is using a game-based learning platform like ‘Kahoot!’ They enable users to create their games playable by many participants. To make the game more enjoyable and thrilling, consider rewarding those who obtained the highest score. 

Keep in mind that introducing Icebreakers can also be tricky. Technical difficulties, lack of concrete game rules, and the activity duration may cause delays. Therefore, you need to plan Icebreakers tediously and try out the game to see how long it would take to determine if your work meeting time is adequate.


 Recognize Employee Achievement Through Work Meetings

Recognition of one's dedication and performance at work is always the bread and butter for an employee. It gives them the impression that their supervisors appreciate their efforts, which motivates them to work harder.

Of course, there are times when employees are formally awarded for their work performance, but recognizing their feats in work meetings wouldn't hurt. If you do so, your team will be more inspired, not only those who managed to meet and exceed expectations, but also those who witnessed how you commended those who worked exceptionally well. During your work meeting, you can recognize employees' achievements by mentioning their names, congratulating them, and rewarding them.


Let Your Colleagues' Opinion Count

It’s customary to expect organizers to speak during a work meeting by themselves. They inform their colleagues of a plan and dictate what they must do to get the job done. Because of their experience, they may have immense knowledge and capability. However, it can make the work meeting less engaging and boring for employees since they'll only listen with no interaction aside from saying yes.

Consider letting your team members express their thoughts regarding the topics you discuss. This way, you’ll gather more data which can help you innovate more ideas for the job your company wants to achieve. Since you allow them to speak up, they'll be more encouraged to participate in the plan you're working on and do their best to help.


Make A Creative PowerPoint Presentation

Work meetings generally discuss matters about the company that the participants are in. Therefore, it may sound too formal and devoid of entertainment. Amusement may not be required in work meetings. However, the more engaging a discussion is, the more likely listeners will understand the topics mentioned and incorporate them into their work.

With that said, consider making a creative PowerPoint presentation. A company PowerPoint presentation allows you to organize your ideas into a concise number of words. It's an entertaining sight for listeners, enabling them to follow through with the discussion easily. You can also consider customizing your presentation. For example, if you're discussing new rules and regulations in the workplace, you can include your colleagues' photos while displaying situations.


Restructure Bad News Delivery Into Room For Improvement Statements

Working days don't only include light and sunshine, but also the bad times. There will be moments when some employees fail to hit their targets, and others may commit offenses, affecting the team's overall rating. These are commonly announced during work meetings.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you instilled in your colleagues the notion that mistakes are bound to happen and the best thing to do is learn from them and bounce back. Of course, your team members need to know the bad news that affects the team to notify them all at once about what's happening and prevent others from incurring the same shortcomings but consider delivering it more pleasantly.   

Not doing so may demoralize them, leaving them with little motivation to attend work meetings since they might anticipate being subjected to scolding if they have a low-performance rating or the conference itself will be full of only negative vibes.

For example, if some of your colleagues haven't met their KPIs, you can highlight your team's accomplishments and tell them that they can do better. Make your work meeting more fun for all of your team members, regardless of their performance rating to let them know they belong.


Work meetings are generally formal, discussing company matters. Many employees may find it boring, which is understandable. Consider incorporating the tips mentioned in this article to make it more fun and to give your team members something to look out for.

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