How Companies Can Invest In The Security Of Their Data Online

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How Companies Can Invest In The Security Of Their Data Online

Data security has never been more important than it is now. Cybercriminals are regularly targeting and attacking people’s businesses. The reason for this is that a lot of businesses operate exclusively online nowadays. It’s a lot easier for criminals to steal anonymously online than it is in person, especially when you consider all of the technological advancements in place (like CCTV and forensics) that can be used to track down criminals. Not investing in your company’s security can therefore open you up to criminals and make you an attractive target.

Here’s how you can invest in your business’s security.


One highly effective way of securing your business’s data is to make use of a storage device called an HSM. A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a device that’s used to encrypt data and certificates, making it virtually impossible for cybercriminals to access them. One of the best things about using these devices is despite how complex they might seem they are actually quite simple. In the past, these devices were physical in nature. Now, however, it is possible to access cloud HSM services.

If you plan on using cloud HSM, then it's essential that you find a provider who’s trusted and respectable. A very easy way of gauging a provider’s reputation is to read their reviews. Positive reviews indicate that they provide a reliable and trustworthy service. Cloud HSM is a much more effective method of storage than physical HSM, so give it consideration.


On all of your business’s devices, you need to have firewalls activated. Firewalls are a type of software that repel viral attacks. A virus is a malicious piece of software that’s often used by hackers to retrieve data from target devices. However, sometimes they are just created by people intent on causing mischief. There is also a specific type of virus called ransomware, which locks a device until a ransom has been paid. It is common for these viruses to reinfect devices, again and again, rendering them unusable. Firewalls can protect you against all forms of viruses.


A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) will be able to ensure that your business’s data is thoroughly protected. Unfortunately, employing an MSSP can be very expensive, which means that it’s not something new business owners are often able to afford. It’s usually something that’s more popular among big and established businesses. With that said, if you are up-and-coming and the profits are rolling in, then an MSSP, while expensive, will ensure that your business’s data is basically impenetrable. An MSSP can also prevent data from being lost due to accidental deletion, which is always a threat.


A very simple way of investing in your business’s security is to use more robust passwords. A shockingly large amount of businesses use very basic and easily guessed passwords. Very sophisticated hackers have no trouble at all guessing simple passwords. In fact, sometimes even amateurs can do it. Make sure that your passwords are all very hard to crack. You can download software that helps you to come up with random passwords. These passwords can then be written down and stored offline. You should never store passwords on your actual devices, in case you end up getting infected with a virus and your devices become compromised.


TFA (Two-factor Authentication) is a highly effective way of protecting your business’s data. If you are not familiar with this method of protection, then it is when you use software to make sure that whenever anybody is trying to log in to an account, they then have to verify their identity by inputting a code sent to an authorized device or email address. More and more business owners are beginning to use TFA because it gives an added layer of protection. While TFA can indeed be manipulated and hacked, it’s very difficult to do.



Finally, make sure that you perform regular backups. Hackers aren’t the only thing that you need to safeguard against, you also need to protect against accidental data loss. Accidental data loss is arguably one of the biggest threats to your business. It occurs quite frequently, mainly due to inexperienced staff handling data that they shouldn’t be given access to. You can use cloud storage to protect your data even further. However, if you don’t want to invest in cloud storage, then just perform on-device backups. Bear in mind that if a device becomes corrupted all backups could be lost, whereas if data is stored on the cloud, it can never be lost.

Companies can invest in their security by following the methods outlined here. Taking steps to protect your business’s data is one of the most important things that you can do. If you don’t then you could get fined, receive penalties, lose your customer’s trust, or have to start all over again retrieving customer data.

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