How HR Teams Use Workast to Manage Their Organizations

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How HR teams use workast

Human resources, also known as HR, is the business unit that oversees employment-related functions. The HR department acts as a liaison between the business and employees. HR teams manage everything from recruitment, onboarding, performance, compensation, employment laws, insurance, and more! Whether you work in the HR department for a remote team, in-house team, or a flex team, streamlining your workload doesn't need to be difficult.

Here at Workast, we work with thousands of HR teams to manage their workflows to get more done for their organization and have time to focus on other initiatives. Startups, Fortune 100's and every size company inbetween rely on human resources for critical actions. By giving yourself more time, you can get to the things you've been putting off for higher prirorities.

Hint - Like promoting that next top performer. (Because, who doesn't want to give someone exciting news?)

Create an onboarding checklist

In one of our previous guides, we show you how you can set up a template to use as your new hiring checklist when a new hire joins the team. With Workast, we've made it easy to create a template and customize it to the individual needs of your new hires - saving you tons of time with manual inputs. Attach re-occurring images, files, or tasks to the templates and import the templates as needed.

*Bonus, these templates are always changeable if you have updates or additional information to add to your new hire orientation.

Use Forms to capture requests

HR directors are required to keep personal information safe for multiple employees, in addition to finding safe ways to store individual data for further use. Whether it's a request for leave, collecting personal or client data, or a request for what the Company should cater for lunch this Friday - Forms is a great way to store data, all within Workast.

Simply enable Forms in the board of your choice, and build the form to your liking. You can enable forms by following the actions in this clip:

creating a form for your HR team in Slack

From there, build the form to hold the criteria you're looking to capture. You can also set the Form as public, or private, and attach assignees, due dates, and more!

Convert messages to tasks in Slack to remember to follow up

It's no secret that HR managers rely heavily on communication. Whether it's announcements, personal messages, or building rapport with team members, communication is a critical part of any HR member's role. That being said, HR + Slack go hand in hand. As an HR team using Slack, you may notice you have multiple channels, personal messages, and emails a plenty. Save time by turning your Slack messages into tasks.

Whether it's telling Jane that her quarterly report is due, or asking Alex to pick up some donuts for the company breakfast - quickly and easily take the message you sent in Slack and turn it into a task to make sure it doesn't get forgotten. This saves you from remembering to have to follow up, plus, you can run reports to make sure it get's taken care of!

Run reports on outstanding tasks

Looking to optimize efficiency? Wondering who your top performers are? Looking for missing gaps in work or to prioritize new incoming workload? With Workast, you can run custom reports on completed, outstanding, ongoing, or upcoming tasks! You can also create specific customized reports just for you and your organization, and reminders for checking your reports as well. With automated reports, you won't need to multitask, and you can simply check the reports (updated in real-time) as needed.

Bonus* This will also allow you to be prepared to give feedback to management at any given time.

Customize the Home page your way

customize your HR tasks in Slack

Different HR teams have different goals and KPI's. We've made it easy for your HR team to easily access the most important metrics from your home page dashboard. Looking to see high priority tasks? What's due for you today? What 1-1 meetings are on your schedule? You can easily customize your home page in Workast to make your HR goals prominent and easy to access right from your home dashboard in Workast.

*Bonus - Plus, with your home screen in Slack, you can see your daily meetings, tasks, reminders and more (All without ever leaving Slack).

Is your HR team using Workast to manage your work? We'd love to hear your tips and tricks! Send us a line or drop us a tweet to get your tips featured on our site! We love seeing teams win!

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