How to Master Link Building for Small Businesses In 2023

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How to Master Link Building for Small Businesses In 2023

Dear small business owners, you will want to read this article. The reason is that we will share some excellent marketing tips. Tips that will see you save money on your brand visibility campaigns. 

You see, there is one robust tool that should be part of your arsenal. And that comes in the form of organic link-building. Now, before we explore what it is and give tips on how to go about it, please check the following statistics. Google considers links as the second most crucial ranking algorithm. 92% of marketers believe links will continue to take the top position in Google algorithms within the next five years. 13% of search experts see link building as the most critical SEO tactic. 

But please note that organic link building is complex. 41% of SEO experts see link building as the most challenging part of SEO. 

A staggering 94% of digital content will not get any external links. A paltry 2.2% of content will get links from multiple websites.

The good news is you can get help from a link-building agency. There is also the option of a link-building consultant if you don't have the budget to hire a big firm. But even then, you need to have some knowledge of link building. 

Our article examines how to master link-building for small businesses in 2023. But first, let's start with an understanding of what this digital marketing powerhouse is all about. 

Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other sites to yours. Every time an online visitor clicks on the link, it redirects them to your web pages. The question you should be asking at this point is, what are the benefits of SEO link building services? Well, there are many, including:-

High-quality links are a sign of endorsement from other sites. It shows that high domain sites trust your industry authority and credibility. 

Inbound links are an excellent way to build traffic to your website.

Google algorithms take note of the quality of links. It is an essential ranking factor. 

Link building is a powerful aspect of SEO. With proper implementation, you will see your site achieve good rankings on the search engines. The direct result is higher visibility for the brand. 

High-quality links provide an excellent way to showcase industry authority. That is why there is an emphasis on relevant, solution-providing content.

Quality link building can help forge valuable partnerships with others in the industry. This can prove beneficial to the company in the long run. 

As we already stated, quality link building confounds even the experts. And for a small business, your concentration is on running the company. So, consider it a worthwhile investment to outsource link buildingto the experts. 

Also, please note that Google has stringent guidelines on how to go about getting inbound links. What you need is to get whitehat link building services.If not, you could easily succumb to link building schemes, resulting in harsh penalties. Penalties that could impact your digital marketing efforts going forward. 

With that clarity onquality link building, let us now look at some aspects you need to master in 2023. 


It is critical to understand the different links for quality whitehat link building. These include the following. 

Dofollow links allow search engines to follow the link and assign authority to the end source. That is a critical factor for rankings. 

Nofollow links do not attribute authority to the end source. 

Backlinks are those coming from other websites to yours. Let's say your company has a mention in a Forbes magazine article. The editor then places a hyperlink linking the post to a page on your site. Every time they click on the link, it brings them back to that webpage. 

External links are hyperlinks from your website to other sources. 

Internal links connect your web pages. You could have a link on your homepage that redirects readers to your products page. 

Broken links typically present as 404 errors. It shows that the original linking source is no longer available. 

Editorial links are organic or unpaid backlinks from editorial sources. Take the example of guest posting on a high-domain site like Forbes. 

High-quality and relevant links come from high-authority websites. Indeed it is a strong endorsement from the linking sites to the type of content you have. This is a strong signal to Google and can impact your rankings. 


Guest posting is an excellent link building tool or strategy. But there are some things to get right to get quality backlinks. The most important is to ensure your content is relevant and linkable. You can do this by:-

Creating shareable assets like Infographics.

Sending out original content that provides new information. Research papers, surveys, and case studies are highly linkable assets

Carry out proper research to ensure factual information.

Ensure relevance to the target audiences. You must conduct proper audience research to know what information they need. Now, come in as a solution provider in the content you share. 

You will need to find sites that accept guest posts. The next is to reach out to the site owners and pitch your idea to them. 

Take time to research topics and, of course, remember the point on content relevance. Landing a guest posting opportunity will get you fantastic backlinks and traffic to your website. As you can imagine, this can be quite challenging if you have to run your small business as well. But, a link building agency orlinkbuilding consultant can be of invaluable help. 


Join Relevant Networks or Other Partnerships

Networks and relevant partnerships can boost your organic link building. Social media platforms are especially great for the former. Look for niche-relevant groups and maintain an active presence. You can see what areas are of interest and write articles addressing them. Post them in the groups with a link back to your site. If you have positioned yourself as an expert, you can get a lot of organic traffic to your site. 

Local partnerships are fantastic for building local links. Platforms like Google or business associations can give you a list of those within your area. Check the site domains to determine their authority and rankings on the search engines. 

Now, reach out to the site for guest posting opportunities like we described above. 


Consider Resource Page Linking

Resource page linking is another powerful organic link building strategy. With this method, you can strategically link different parts of your site in an efficient way, ensuring that the pages get detected and indexed by search engines. This helps boost your website's credibility and leads to greater online presence. 

The first thing you need to do is look for websites that have links to valuable industry-specific resources. The resource pages typically have helpful links or information regarding specific topics. You will then seek placement for your link as one of the resources. 

So let's say you are in the automobile business. Target websites that have link lists to other auto-related resources. Be ready to pitch to the website owners why you should be part of the curated resource links. 

The main advantage of resource page linking is that you are not selling products. Instead, you position yourself as an expert with credible advice. The chances of people clicking on non-sales-related links are much higher. 


Go After Unmentioned Brand Names

Your company name may appear in an article somewhere. But, the site owners do not put a link back to your site. Going after such mentions is an excellent quality link building tactic. 

You may be wondering how to start searching for brand mentions. You can easily take care of this with SEO link building tools like Ahrefs, brand mentions, and more. All you need to do is to set up alerts for anytime your brand has a mention somewhere. 

After that comes the tricky part. And that is to convince the site owners to link to your site. But with a strong pitch and relevant, linkable content, you have much higher chances of success. Of course, if you have contracted SEO link building services providers, the experts will take care of the process for you. 


Should you pay close attention to competitor links? The surprising answer is yes, especially if they appear in the top SERPs. If the competitors rank well on Google, it shows that they are getting some SEO right. And this may very well include link building. 

So, you first need to search your niche competitors and which sites carry their links. There are tools you can use for this part of the research. 

The next step is to look at their content and create better. You can use guest posting to get high-quality backlinks to your site. Remember our point on linkable content, shareable assets, and new information. 

Then like in the resource page linking, you must reach out to the site owners. Now, present your pitch as to why they should publish your article. Be aware that only some of the sites will agree. But with patience, you can achieve excellent results for your organic link building. 

Final Thoughts

Small business owners must keep a close watch on their available resources. That often means that areas like marketing may get less of a budget. Taking advantage of free or negligible-cost tactics like quality link building can give wonderful results. We use the words negligible cost in case you hire a link building agency or consultant. You will be happy to note that some will work within your budget. Yet, with reputable SEO link building serviceproviders, there will be no compromise on the work quality. 

As a small business owner, learning how to master link building for your website in 2023 is an essential step for your online success. With the development of smarter search engine algorithms, it is more important than ever to use effective tactics like backlinking and content marketing to help your website stand out among the competition. With the right knowledge and thoughtful execution, you can use link building to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

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