How to Overcome Your Fear of New Technology

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How to Overcome Your Fear of New Technology

Being daunted by new technology is natural if you grew up with the bare basics. While the younger generation was born into this era with computers, smartphones, tablets, and accompanying apps, you might have had to learn as you were required to use them. 

It’s normal to feel a sense of frustration and fear with something you’ve never used before, especially if you’re required to use a new type of software or technology for work or study. However, you might be able to overcome your tech fears by taking some of the actions below. When you’re no longer fearful, you might be able to thrive with technology and possibly even enhance your career prospects.   

Connect With Tech Providers

If you’re required to learn a new piece of software or technology for your job or study, don’t be afraid to reach out to the provider company to learn everything there is to know about it. For example, if your learning institute uses a helpful school management software like Teach ‘n Go, you might decide to research the provider online and find out if there’s anything extra you can learn to enhance your knowledge. 

Most of the best software providers offer helpful tips, tricks, and even videos, to guide you through the many different features you can use and how to troubleshoot the most basic problems. In most cases, you can even contact the providers with any queries or concerns. It’s hard to fear new software when you have wrap-around support for as long as you need. 

Take Technology Classes

Many people struggle to find new jobs or thrive in an educational institute when their technology skills aren’t on the same level as their peers. However, as business owners have realized the importance of technology to streamline business processes and boost efficiency, you won’t find too many businesses that haven’t adopted some of the latest and greatest tech. 

As a result, you might like to consider taking technology classes to brush up on the basic skills you’ll need in the average office or retail job. By learning basic computer skills, adjusting to new tech in a new job or educational institute might be far less daunting than you expected. 

Read Technology Blogs

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and it can sometimes feel like something new is available as soon as you’ve mastered what you believe is the latest tech. Falling behind the times can make it much harder to adjust to new technology in the future, so don’t be afraid to start reading technology blogs related to the technology you must use in your daily life to remain abreast of advancements. 

By reading about the latest changes in your industry, you can remain knowledgeable and possibly even enjoy an easier and more stress-free transition if you’re suddenly required to adopt new technology.  Even if you don’t learn relevant information for your industry, you can at least stay informed about the new technology and software being developed, which may pique your curiosity enough to try it out for yourself. 

Explore New Technology

Some people can be so daunted by a new device, app, or software that they won’t even try to use it without guidance from someone else. However, becoming familiar with anything new requires you to experience it yourself, so don’t be afraid to play with new tech, even if you don’t understand it immediately. 

Explore features, click buttons and open tabs. As you explore, you become familiar with specific functions and how they might be relevant to your needs. Before long, you can have an excellent understanding of how specific tech works and might feel more comfortable using it without help and support from co-workers and support teams. 

Start With the Basics

If you do not understand basic technology like word processing and email, advanced technology such as software management systems and phone apps can seem impossible to learn. In fact, you might not even attempt to explore them, despite technology’s importance for boosting efficiency and productivity. Make an effort to learn basic computer skills such as: 

Word processing and spreadsheet software

Presentation software

Email management

Data entry


When you know how to draft and send emails, input data, keep yourself safe on the internet, and create documents, you can lay a strong foundation for being able to learn the intricacies of slightly more advanced technology. 

Ask for Help

New technology can undoubtedly be scary, especially if you’re a new hire and must learn it for a new job. Not only are you in a new environment with new people, but you’re also faced with overwhelming technological changes that might not make much sense to you immediately. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people for help, be it a co-worker, manager, business owner, or even a tech-savvy family member. Most people will understand that you don’t yet have the knowledge to master new software on your own and will be more than happy to offer their assistance until you become more proficient. 

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Explore the Benefits

When you don’t understand how something works, it’s easy to avoid implementing it, believing that you don’t need it and it’s of no value to you. While not all tech will be relevant to your personal or professional life, you might be missing out on the technology that is by refusing to learn more about it. 

Rather than approaching new tech from an angle of fear, approach it with curiosity. Learn about the benefits of specific tech and how it might be of value in your life and work. When you learn about the potential benefits rather than the features and how the software or device works, you might be more interested in learning more about it rather than feeling forced into learning more.   

New tech can be scary, and you might be eager to remain ignorant when you’ve come this far without having to explore it. However, overcoming your tech fears can be important for improving efficiency and productivity and broadening your career prospects. Take these steps above to overcome your tech fears, and you might be surprised by how many doors of opportunity might open for you.

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