HR Tech's Role In Increasing The Employees' Productivity

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Employees’ productivity has always been a major concern for the managers, among the other daily routines. The concern is majorly shared between the team head and the HR department.

It also becomes one of the essential aspects to look for in the employees during the recruitment process to avoid future mishaps, leading to the HR manager being held responsible. This has further led the management to look for better solutions that appropriately help them overcome the productivity they face and to experience better output from the employees.


However, with the arrival of technology, there are several ways that it has played a vital role in enhancing employees’ productivity. Especially when it comes to HR, technology is no longer a choice, as future HR trends are continuously on the rise and give way to new expectations. With such a state, many companies have already begun to realize that technology has a crucial role in their functioning, as depicted in the following image.

Yet, not all are still convinced that embracing technology can increase productivity. Therefore, to help the management have a certain level of clarity, the article discusses the HR tech’s role in increasing the employees’ productivity. 

Does HR Tech Help In Employees’ Productivity Increase?

Well, the answer is indeed an - “yes.” However, as quick as the response is, the need for justification is also understood to be a necessity. To begin with, let us consider the image shown earlier, which discusses the six aspects that drive the implementation of HR tech.

If understood well, those indeed disclose a hidden secret. For instance, one of the aspects says that 48% of the companies implement HR tech, believing that it contributes to desirable employee experience. So, if the employees are made to feel happy, content, and satisfied at the workplace, there is no doubt that the employees will give their best to the company. 

In other words, technology’s aid in recruiting, enhancing the employees’ experience, supporting in developing their potential, creating a collaborative environment, ensuring workplace planning, and their well-being all lead to the ultimate result of the employees’ being more productive.

Apart from these, there are other ways to help us all understand the concept. And let’s discuss this a little more in detail in the next few minutes.

Contributes To Better Communication And Response

As a matter of fact, communication is very essential. However, the flow of communication, especially when it comes to the employees and assigning them their tasks, should never be taken lightly.

Studies have identified that about 25% of missed performance goals are due to a lack of communication at the workplace. And other consequences are represented in the following image as well.


However, by implementing a good HR tech in the company, there is better coordination among the employees. The flow of communication can be more organized and streamlined, as each employee is officially and systematically assigned a reporting manager.

Therefore, the flow goes smooth and ensures that the communication gap is reduced, thereby providing clarity among the employees as to what is to be done. Thus, it reduces wasted time and increases productivity.

Increases Productivity By Ensuring Unbiased Performance Management 

Workplace ethicality plays an essential role in keeping the employees engaged, motivated, and productive. However, if the employees find that the company isn’t functioning ethically, it would disengage.

One of the common issues that many employees face is workplace biases. Are you wondering what this has got to do with HR tech?

Well, the HR tech platform nowadays is integrated with a performance management solution that ensures accurate assignment of tasks, KPIs and KRAs, as well as accurate measurement of performance. When such performance measurements are automated, it gives no space for bias and ensures the right and potential employee is recognized. 

Ensures Right Candidate For The Right Position

Having good employees in the wrong professions can hurt the company’s productivity. Still, AI-based technology now makes it easier for the HR teams to assess recruits' personalities and work skills and guarantee they are placed in positions that complement their abilities and increase productivity.

You may even take it a step further by monitoring and tracking employee productivity in a particular team or department after a new member is hired. You can track how the staff with various personality qualities affects productivity over time, which is beneficial for future recruiting and position designation.

Provides An Integrated Learning Platform For Better Training That Positively Impacts Productivity

Although no one appreciates having to undergo mandatory training, employing a learning management system allows you to put your organization's courses online for increased productivity, efficiency, and employee convenience. According to a study, it has become one of the essential requirements for millennial employees when it comes to choosing a

Ethics and business behavior training, new leadership training, and inclusiveness training are popular themes. HR departments can use online technology to not only conduct on-demand training and development courses but also to track employee involvement and award PDF certificates of completion.

Employees can study at their speed using online learning management modules. Learners can pause and resume training modules at any time. So don't worry if they're called into a meeting or need to take a bio break. They can quickly return and take up where they left off or even repeat material regions if they like.

Enhances Employees Independence To Be More Productive And Self-Served

Self-service HR is now more affordable than ever because of cloud services. It also comes with a slew of perks that can all help enhance employee productivity. That's because it eliminates a lot of the niggles and gripes people have – like the ambiguity that often surrounds annual leave, with no one knowing when they can and can't take time off.

Self-service Many other tasks, such as filing costs, updating personal information, and accessing training programs, are made more accessible by HR. Significant Employees have control over this through self-service HR systems, which allow anyone to check a digital calendar to see when leave is available and then submit a request for approval. And thus, when the employees are given a chance to be independent, it contributes to them being more engaged. Their engagement with the company will help them be more productive.

Tools that promote Employee’s productivity


Recru manages the entire recruitment process and assists HR professionals in identifying the most qualified candidates. It has features like automatic CV parsing, job posting, and Linked In plug-in. Database management, project creation, statistics generation, and other advanced and main functions of this software are also included. I

t promotes employee productivity by enhancing the workplace environment. Managing the entire selection process from a single platform makes it easy for an organization and the employees to store the data and work on it.


factoHR is an all-in-one software that promotes the implementation of a hire-to-retire policy. It handles all the activities related to the workforce using automated and cloud-based technology. A mobile application to enhance employees’ flexibility, mobility, and productivity has also been initiated.

The user-interactive dashboards are used to view details of employees’ performance, attendance, payroll, and travel details. It configures and stores all the data, including income tax, attendance, leave, reimbursements, and calculates the payroll of all the employees’ documents right from their hiring to resigning in a paperless format.


Talentsoft is embedded with intelligent technology that helps you handle all the files, documents, and position information in one place. It helps with recruiting the best and quality candidates. More innovative recruitment, onboarding, mobility solutions, and candidate relationship management are some of this software’s unique features that make the HR workflow more simplified and effective.

By effective workflow, the organization can enhance the work process and implementation. Thus, the workforce is more productive and encouraged with the nature of their work.


Payroo is an application that enhances the automation of an organization’s management. With features like employee engagement, payroll management, and others, its user-friendly intuitive-driven menu is provided throughout for ease of use.

Payroo automatically calculates the payroll, keeping in mind the aspects like leaves. It is compatible with the system and the employees, which helps with the ease of data storage. With the help of this, your organization can be more organized and productive.

Wrapping Up

As we approach the conclusion, the significant role of HR tech in employee productivity can be realized. Studies reveal that workforces tend to waste up to four hours each week on administrative and managerial chores because of obsolete technology.

Despite the industry's transitioning to remote working and recruiting, which drives digital transformation, more than 90% of companies aren't getting the most out of their HR technology.

This has resulted in more than 75% of the managers being determined to update their HR tech in the next few months. Thus, make the right choice, implement the right technology, and witness your employees’ increased productivity and get set to reap its fruits. 

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