Improving Employee Performance: The Best Employee Tracking Guide for 2022 and Beyond

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Employee performance

Companies share different ideas about employee tracking. Regardless of how controversial this topic is, the truth is that effective monitoring of employee performance boosts productivity by 30%. 

While tracking tools are not something new, the lockdown of Covid 19 pandemics has enhanced their role in businesses. Companies like Workpuls offer the best solutions for an effective workplace: employee productivity monitoring, automatic time tracking, remote work management, etc. 

Employees do not share equal skills. There are cases when they do not spend the working hours effectively which causes poor performance, missed deadlines, revenue loss, and more serious consequences. To have total control over your project is beneficial in a lot of ways.

What are the Benefits of Employee Monitoring?

From a business standpoint tracking time is a must-have activity every company should integrate. Research by Gallup shows, that in the Covid-19 crisis about 49% of employees have worked fewer hours than required. From checking project progress to helping the team members to boost productivity, avoid mistakes, increase engagement, and more: tracking employees promise a lot of unique benefits for any business. Besides, the information that you get from monitoring your employees helps you to make smarter and more informed decisions. Besides using powerful monitoring tools, you can follow some simple steps to enhance the performance of your team: 

1. Set Expectations and Goals

Keeping your employees focused is among the top challenges most companies face. To ensure you will get the desired results, it is an asset to be clear in your requirements and objectives. Setting clear goals will bring a clear idea to your employees about the expectations of their role.

Helping your workers succeed in their project implementation, it is crucial to evaluate their skills right and set realistic goals that are achievable for them. It will motivate them and enhance their willingness to achieve more. If done strategically, setting goals can bring your company a wide range of benefits. 

2. Check out The Effectiveness of Their Performance

Understanding the employees' success rate when working on a certain project is crucial for discovering their weak and strong points. You can not only boost their experience through different training and meeting but also determine your business's success and failure.

A lot of things in project success depend on employee work quality. That is one of the reasons to use tracking tools and better know your team members. Besides, you can manage team-building activities and create some complicated situations. It will give you a little understanding of how your employees perform in difficult situations. 

3. Ask them To Use Self-Tracking Tools

Self-monitoring is not a new approach, however, it can develop certain skills for your team members. Sometimes employees do not notice how they waste working time on other activities. Using this effective strategy will guide them to be responsible for their behavior, and improve their approach to the main responsibilities. 

Self-monitoring can bring a lot of benefits: from reducing the time spent on non-work-related activities, to staying focused on the tasks deadlines, effective fulfillment, and more. It will become a nice tool to spend time more effectively at the workplace and in daily life. 

4. Check the Regular Updates

Keeping your staff up-to-date and informed is crucial for any business. According to a survey, more than 93% of employees claim that they are more likely to choose the positions that offer learning and training opportunities. These numbers indicate the crucial role of providing the employees with all the important news and changes. The competition is rapidly growing. With new ideas, strategies, and efforts, keeping up with your competitors is becoming challenging. That is one of the reasons you should go hand in hand with current updates and trends. Any simple business news can become a serious cause for a change. 

5. Gather Intelligence

The success level of your activities may depend on your solutions. Working in this or that sphere can have a lot of challenges. Each business has its unique solutions when it comes to solving problems, or meeting the project goals. By motivating your employees to research the market they get competitive intelligence. 

You not only help them boost their skills but also get the opportunity to improve better strategies and make more informed decisions. Besides, your employees should research the market to find out the current trends and changes. You can even find a company that provides intelligence-gathering services.

6. Always Set Deadlines

You may hardly find a company that works without deadlines. From meeting the project goals on time to tracking complex tasks: setting deadlines is important for several reasons:

Helping to succeed in overall time management strategies,

Fixing an effective daily routine,

Keeping employees motivated and engaged,

Motivating completion,

Making workflow smoother. 

Besides all of these benefits, managing deadlines help to use working time more effectively and take your planning ahead. The data you get from employee tracking tools will become your amazing hint to define deadlines more effectively. You can get a clear understanding of your employee's skills and performance on a certain activity. 

7. Meetings and Reports

To set company goals and achieve them you need to keep your staff engaged and motivated. That is one of the major reasons to organize regular team meetings and share reports.

Recent studies have found that 98% of employees think team meetings to be an asset for effective collaboration, as it helps them to boost productivity and set more goals. There are a lot of companies in the world and most of them share the role of effective communication in business success. Following the recent trends and updates, you can make your team meetings more effective and engaging.


How long does it take your employee to complete a project? Do all of your team members share the same results? These are crucial points to learn for future project planning. Tracking your employees enhance your revenue. Considering the benefits, more than 66% of companies have integrated this strategy as an integrated part of their company’s activities. Find out the most convenient type of employee monitoring and boost your company’s success rate. 

This is a guest post submitted by Tigran Mirzoyan.

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