Kanban Boards: How to Use a Kanban Board for Your Work Flow

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What is a Kanban Board?

Remember as a kid when your Mom would write chores on a whiteboard with little gold stars that meant you completed the chore? It’s a lot like that. A kanban board is a way to visualize your projects and workflows into columns and tasks so that you can see what needs to be done, what’s in process, and what’s been completed. Kanban boards serve as a way to see your projects completed in an aesthetically appealing way.

“Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!”

Tony Robbins, American author, philanthropist and life coach

Often coinciding with scrum or agile management work styles, a kanban board helps you visualize progress and identify gaps. With Workast you can do just that. No matter what industry or methodology of work management you use, Kanban boards can be used to organize work, manage incoming requests, plan product roadmaps, assess inventory turnover ratios.

With Workast, you can quickly turn your projects into Kanban boards using our Board view.

Drag and drop kanban board

What do people use Kanban boards for?

Kanban boards can be used to organize work, manage incoming requests, plan product roadmaps, and more. By using a kanban board you can develop a clear process and manage it every step of the way. By being able to visualize the project, you can easily identify any hiccups and redirect them. This allows your team to be more efficient, and your workflows to run smoothly. Plus, a kanban board makes it easy to see what is ready to be worked on, what’s done, and what still needs to be done.

“Kanban, you build a map of your work. The landscape depicted is your value stream. A value stream visually represents the flow of your work from its beginning through to its completion.”

Jim Benson, Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life

Kanban boards in Workast

Creating a Kanban board in Workast is easy! Using our Boards feature, you can set up your projects the way that works best for you and your team. Your columns can be as simple as “to do” “doing” and “done” - or as complex, as you’d like them to be. You can quickly set up a column for “items on hold,” “ideas,” or any other column that makes sense for your organization.

Think about the way in which you want your projects to flow as you are setting up your boards. How does your organization currently do things? How would you like to do things? By thinking through the flow, you can start setting up your columns. And if you end up needing to delete or add more columns that's no problem.

Workast kanban board functionality

Workast Kanban Boards features:

Drag and drop abilities: easily drag and drop tasks from one column to the next.

Easily reorganize columns: drag and drop column for quick reorganization.

Follow or unfollow a task: keep your colleagues notified of individual tasks.

Copy a task link: share an individual task link by copying the URL.

Duplicate a task: duplicate tasks to save yourself time.

Remove a task: remove tasks no longer needed.

Remove a column: got a column you no longer need? Easily remove it.

Create multiple Boards: have multiple projects? Create multiple Kanban boards.

Create new columns: have something new you want to track? Easily add it.

Quick edit: quickly edit tasks using the board view.

We've made it easy for you to use Workast for your Kanban needs. If you want to find more information about using our Board view for Kanban or access our helpdesk to learn more about Workast, check out our help center. Or take a look at our latest blog articles to get productivity hacks, read case studies, and learn more.

We're happy to be a part of helping you and your teams get more done!

“Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.”

- Peter Drucker, management consultant

Using the Kanban method is a great way to organize your workflow, no matter the industry or niche you work in. With Workast, not only can you use our Board system for the Kanban method, but you can also switch to a list view or calendar view, making it easy for individual team members to switch around to the view that works for them.

Looking to get started using Workast as your Kanban Board? Sign up today on our free or premium plans to get started. And cheers to you for getting more done!


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