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on April 27#product
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It's been a busy few years for the team here at Workast, and we're proud to be changing the way teams get more work done. With the recent rollout of Workast 2.0 we launched our new app on Product Hunt, and we'd love your feedback and support!

Check out our launch here and learn more from our Founder, ask any questions, and give us your comments or ideas.

️So what’s new in Workast?


We’ve made a lot of progress since our last PH listing. Here are a few notable features: ➼ Web application: Standalone web application of Workast to use in the browser. ➼ Various ways to create tasks in Slack: Turn a Slack message into a task, use the /todo command, use the Slack shortcut button, and use the task composer. ➼ Daily task reminders in Slack: Receive a daily notification of all the tasks that are assigned to you in Slack and take action from this list. ➼ Reporting through Slack: Receive and send custom reports through Slack. ➼ Various views - List, board and calendar view of each project ➼ Calendar sync - Sync your work calendar to Workast and all your tasks are pushed into your work calendar with automatic 2-way sync! ➼ Search and reporting: Create customized reports for you and your team to monitor progress, track teamwork and gather data. ➼ Notes: Write, edit and collaborate with your team members in an online document. ➼ Forms: Create custom forms that can be responded to in Slack. ➼ Meetings: Use workast to send out meeting agendas, track meeting minutes and tasks. ➼ Templates: Create task templates that can be used to save time for your team. ➼ Extensions: Customize Workast to suit your team with various extensions such as email integration, Zapier, Bitbucket, Time Tracking in Slack, and Google. ➼ Custom lists and tags: Build out your project with lists, categorize your tasks with tags. ➼ Subtasks: Break down your tasks into smaller steps. ➼ Task dependencies: Make one task dependent on another prior to completing. A full list of features can be reviewed on our website to see why we are one of the best Slack apps on the market.

And don't forget to view and engage with the Product Hunt launch here!


Let us know what you think! We're here to answer any questions. Drop us a line with your questions, feedback or comments.

And here's to getting more done!

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