Create your first task

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Tasks are a simple way to manage your work. Tasks can be part of a larger project or stand-alone items that need to be completed. This guide will show you how to get started with your first tasks in Workast.

Task creation

On the left-hand taskbar, click on the space in which you would like to create the task.


Click on +Create new task where you can start typing your new task. You can add a new task in any list in the space/channel.


Type the details of the task to create a new task. Add an assignee(s) and a due date/time if you wish by clicking on the assignee and due date icons, or type the due date in the task title to automatically generate the due date. Press enter to save your task.

Create your first task

The task has now been created in the space. Any assignees will receive a notification of the task in their Workast channel in Slack.

For more information on how to create tasks in Slack, see our guide here.

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