How to add an attachment or file to a task

You can add an attachment or file to a task or a subtask* in any view in the Workast web app.

To add an attachment to a task:


Expand the task by clicking on it.


Click on the paperclip icon in the top of a task to open your file browser. Click on the file that you want to add, and select open/confirm the file to add it. 

how to add an atachment or file to a task

You also can copy and paste an image into the task by using either your mouse or the control/command+C keyboard shortcut to copy and control/command+V to paste it.

You can also drag and drop a file from most files/program locations into the attachment portion of the task with most programs. (A few third party programs may prevent this function.)

To delete an attachment

Mouseover the attachment and click on the red X to the left of the attachment name. Select yes to remove it. 

how to delete an atachment or file to a task

To download an attachment:


Click on the file name.


Follow the onscreen instructions

Please note - file attachments can only be added to tasks through the web app or mobile app and cannot be added in Slack at this time.

* Subtasks are a feature of paid Workast subscriptions. File attachments may be limited by your plan. See our pricing page for details. 

Click here to learn how to use the Google drive integration.

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