How to create a task in Workast

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Tasks are a simple way to manage your work. Tasks can be part of a larger project or stand-alone items that need to be completed. This guide will show you how to get started with your first tasks in Workast.

Task creation


On the left-hand taskbar, click on the space in which you would like to create the task.


Click on "+Create new task" where you can start typing your new task. You can add a new task in any list in the space/channel.


Type the details of the task to create a new task. Add an assignee(s) and a due date/time if you wish by clicking on the assignee and due date icons. Hit enter to create your task.

You can add a due date to a task by adding it after the task title - click here to learn more. You can also open assignee options by hitting the tab key.

Create your first task test 2

The task has now been created in the space. Any assignees will receive a notification of the task in their Workast channel in Slack. For more information on how to create tasks in Slack, see our guide here.

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