How to create a "View only" account on Workast

Workast has helped thousands of businesses manage their team work, get more organized and meet the needs of their clients. Task and project management is essential for teams, especially those that work remotely. Workast aims to cater to the needs of our users and each business has different needs. Often times, our users need a client, contractor or 3rd party to view work that they are doing for them. This is where the role as a viewer comes in.

What is a "View only" account

A "View only" account is a user that can only see the tasks and spaces that they are invited to. They can’t comment, complete, edit or create tasks. This role is great for vendors and clients to stay up to date with the progress of a project

If a team member has been added as a "View only" and should have full account access, please have a team admin change the user's role. Click here to learn how.

For information on the Admin user role, click here.

How to create a viewer in Workast

A viewer's role is to only view the data of Workast. There is no functionality to complete tasks or take any action on a task. You must be an admin to create a viewer.


To create a viewer in Workast:


Login to the Workast web app.


Click on Team on the left sidebar


At the top of the page click on Invite people


A pop-up will appear asking for an email address. Enter the email address of the viewer and press Continue.


Enter the Name of the viewer


Select the Role: Choose Viewer from the dropdown menu


Customize invitation: There is an option to write a custom message. This will be sent in the email.


Click on Invite.

The invitation will be sent to the viewer by email. The admin of Workast can invite the viewer to the spaces that they want the viewer to see.

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