The Admin User Role

Admins in Workast handle team management. They are able to add new users in the admin dashboard, deactivate team members, make other users admins, and Premium (paid) teams can add guest accounts

The default first Admin is the user who initially installed Workast or the user who first uses the app after a period of team inactivity. You also will become an admin if you upgrade your team to Premium (paid) or create a new department within your team. 

Team admins will automatically receive an email within 24 hours when team members are added or deactivated. This is relevant to billing and team management and will still be sent, even if you are unsubscribed from training and update emails. If you don't want to receive user status emails, another user on your team will need to be made an admin, and then have them change your role from admin to a member. 

To learn how to deactivate your personal account, click here

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