How to delete or uninstall your Workast team

We're constantly striving to improve Workast, and we hope that everyone that uses our app loves it as much as we do. However, different teams have different needs, and if it turns out that Workast isn't for you, here's our quick, easy, and GDPR compliant way to remove your Workast team.

For teams on the "Essential free" plan

Uninstall Workast from your teams Slack workspace. Click here to learn how to remove a Slack app.

You will receive a confirmation email that your Workast team has been removed from Slack. If your Workast team is not accessed again in the next few days in the web or mobile application, it will be set for automatic deletion. We do not need to be contacted to request team deletion - this process is automatic and will permanently delete your full team record. You will receive a warning email before the team is permanently deleted. (We cannot restore deleted team information.)

For teams on a "Paid plan":


Cancel your paid subscription.


Uninstall Workast from your Slack workspace.  

*Important note for Workast Premium subscribers - you must still cancel your Premium subscription. Removing the Workast application from your team's Slack will not cancel your paid subscription. To learn how to do so, click here.

If you want to learn how to delete or deactivate your personal Workast account, click here.

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