What is a "Free Guest" account?

A "Free Guest" account is a special account that is created when you invite someone to a Workast Meeting that is not already part of your Workast team.  Free guest are only able to view the meetings to which they've been invited and their associated tasks, allowing you to invite third parties without granting them full access to your team.  

If a team member is going to be using Workast, they should be invited normally before being invited to a meeting to ensure their account is created with full access.  Learn how to add users to your Workast team here. If you'd like a guest to have additional access, they can be added as a standard guest account, and again, please invite them as a guest account before adding them to a meeting. Learn how to do so here.

If a team member has been added as a free guest and should have full account access, please have a team admin submit a ticket here including the user's name and email address, and the change required.

For information on the Admin user role, click here.

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