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Workast helps teams on Slack organize their work. Delegate tasks, manage projects, run meetings, streamline processes and gain visibility of what your team is working on.

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Effortless Onboarding

Install Workast to your Slack account and in less than 1 minute, start collaborating on work with your team - no invites, separate passwords or new accounts.

Effortless Onboarding
no pesky emails

No pesky emails

Notifications and reminders are sent through Workast in Slack so you don’t need to worry about flooding your inbox.

Work to suit your style

Work can happen anywhere and Workast makes it easy to capture and track work in the way that is right for you.


Having a Slack conversation with your team? Create tasks in a channel, turn a Slack message into a task, or create a task from anywhere in Slack using the Workast shortcut. Capture what needs to be done, where you need it.


Create customized lists to suit the project at hand. Assign and organize tasks so team members can manage their priorities and know exactly when a task is due.


Visualize what work needs to be done. Move tasks through different stages of your project and easily see the status of your project.


Add due dates to tasks and see all the tasks due in the next month. Know exactly what needs to be done and manage the teams workload to ensure work gets done.


With the timeline view, you get a full picture of how all the tasks in your project fit together to help you hit your deadlines.

Gain visibility of what matters most

See what your team is working on with reports.

Create custom reports and review the information that is important to your team - see all the outstanding work for the week, reallocate resources to different tasks, see how much your team accomplished in the last month.

Endless possibilities with over 50 possible report combinations.


Your work all in one place

Connect Workast with the apps you use every day and create unique workflows to simplify your most common tasks

Emails get forgotten about. Turn emails into tasks with a quick click of a button so every email gets taken care of.



Harriet Chan
"Workast allows us to manage our technical team around the world. Workast can assign tasks, track what needs to be accomplished, streamline business processes, run meetings, and gain visibility all at once."

Harriet ChanCocofinder - Marketing Director

Make teamwork simple with Workast✌🏻

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