How to create a project or event

Workast is the ideal place to plan, deploy, and complete a project or an event. You can create a Space for the project, create lists, add team members, and assign tasks all within the Workast web app. Click here to sign up. 

Creating a Space for your project

To create a space in the Workast web app:


Click on + next to "Spaces" in your left-hand taskbar. A space creation dialogue will open.


Name your space.


Select a template (optional) if it's a repetitive project that require the same set of tasks. To learn how to create and use templates click here.


Invite others users to your space if desired - type in the names of the users that you would like to invite, and click on the populated result.


Define the Privacy. Select who can join the space. The default selection is "Anyone on the team" which makes it a public space. To change the space to private, click the button next to "Only those invited can join the space."


Choose what apps you'd like to connect to the space by clicking the arrow next to "Customize this space with Extensions" and then selecting "Add" next to the integrations you'd like to add.  


Click the blue "Create" button to finish completing the space.

How to create a project or event

You can create a space directly from Slack connected to a channel. Follow this guide to learn how to do it.

Creating lists for your project/event

The next step in creating the space for your project/event is adding lists, which will allow you to seamlessly organize your tasks.

To create lists for your space:


Click on the space where you want to create the list.


Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the option to Create a new list.


Type the name of the new list and press enter to create.


Repeat steps to create multiple lists.

How to create a project or event 1

The pin icon indicates the default list in the space.  

To set a list as the default list in the space, click on three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the list and click "Make default".

To delete a list in the space, click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the list and click "Remove".

list options

Creating and assigning tasks

Once your lists are created, you can start adding tasks.


Click on the +Create new task button under the individual list to create new tasks.


Click on the people icon to add assignees, and on the calendar to add a due date. Press "Save" to complete the task.

How to create a project or event 2

You can then click on the task to expand it, allowing you to add a description, attachments, subtasks, tags, custom fields, activity and comments, and other task actions.*

task menu

* Certain features are only available with Premium (paid) Workast plans. For information on our plans, click here.

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