#2 - my secret to project transparency

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on May 15#work-smarter
my secret to project transparency

Sharing project updates sucks.

Having to search through all different tools, copy paste tasks and links to put together an email to send to each one of your clients to let them know of the update...

…only for the email to be outdated the minute you send it 🥲

How to streamline client communication?

Picture having a link that you can share with your clients, and they get to see the progress of their project in real time.

No more outdated emails or manual updates.Saving time, reducing the risk of errors, enhancing collaboration and transparency by keeping all stakeholders aligned and informed in one centralized location.

There's an easy and familiar way to achieve this. With Workast, for sure.

👉 Check out how we share our roadmap.

Create a public roadmap in 3 easy steps

public roadmap

Add the Public Space extension to your Workast space.


Configure your Public Space details.


Share the link with your clients.

🌟 Learn how to create your public roadmap here.

5 essential features:

Sharing preferences: decide what to make public, whether it's different lists, completed tasks, or specific views like the board or list view.

Visual clarity: utilize tags, custom colors, and structured dependencies to maintain an organized and easy-to-follow roadmap.

Feedback form: include a direct link to a feedback form on the roadmap for clients to provide suggestions, report issues, or share their thoughts. This automatically generates a task within the space for the team to follow up. Explore more about this feature here.

Collaborative Invitation: invite clients to collaborate directly on the roadmap as guests members, enabling them to comment and edit as necessary.

Clear spacing: organize your roadmap with clear spacing and formatting, highlighting key tasks for a comprehensive overview of the project timeline.

Workast's public roadmaps not only streamline project visibility but also enhance team responsiveness and efficiency. Experience the definitely user-friendly solution for sharing progress!

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This email is #2 of our "Work Smarter, Not Harder" series, where we'll dive deep into simple yet powerful ways to enhance your workflow using tools you already know.See you soon as we delve deeper into optimizing your operations!

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