Leveraging AI-Powered Video Learning for Employee Training and Development

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Leveraging AI-Powered Video Learning for Employee Training and Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) in its truest sense is becoming an unmissable component of our reality. From face recognition to content creation, diagnosing patients to training employees, you name it and AI is already on it. The pace at which AI is growing may be worrisome for some, but there’s no denying the fact that once you know how to use it to your benefit, it’s only upward from there. 

With remote work becoming the new state of work, companies are turning to AI to aid their processes and keep employees connected. Certain AI-powered tools develop personalized learning experiences catering to the employees’ pace and style of work. Video training is an effective way of providing high-quality training which in turn, contributes to employee engagement and job satisfaction. If you’re still navigating your way through an AI-driven world, the following are a few ways in which you can create and apply a successful employee training program. 

7 ways AI-powered video training helps employees in a company

Employee training and development systems have drastically transformed over the years. Companies can no longer rely on just traditional methods of training but bring tech-friendly methods to the mix. Technology has evolved in such a way that artificial intelligence is a must-have element if companies wish to make the best use of the surplus data available to them. The analysis of the same has brought about a “nouvelle vague” in corporate training and development methodologies. 

Sets clear expectations

All companies expect the maximum output from their employees, especially the new ones. However, the biggest roadblock here to achieving the desired result is that people aren’t aware most of the time of what exactly is expected of them. In terms of skills, performance, and practical usage, the best way to measure capability is through proper work. 

If your employees aren’t clear on what they must be doing in the company and what their responsibilities are, they will not push themselves to do their best. Implementing some of the best tips for creating video content, AI video training resources can ensure that your people are on the same page with the company’s ongoing projects and processes. This also improves the engagement rate when newbies feel connected to their work and the organization.

Improves employee engagement

AI videos are highly interactive and engaging. These videos make learning experiences more creative, catering to the skillset of each employee. For example, if you want to train HR teams to manage the entire organization, AI videos will provide advanced resources that focus primarily on human resource management. This will keep the employee invested in all that the company has to offer. 

For the employee, AI-powered video learning helps in the following:

Delivering  a custom learning experience

Giving access to the best content worldwide and meeting learning goals

Monitoring the interest and strengths of the employee

Becoming a digital tutor that has a one-to-one connection with them

Aiding career growth for better opportunities also.

No two employees will have the same learning style. Therefore, you need AI in your video training so that people are trained in the way that suits them the best. This leads to higher recall, enhanced learning experience, more productivity and mostly, greater employee engagement.

Helps in reskilling and upskilling employees

Just as AI is evolving to meet the need of the times, so must employees increase their potential so that they continue being the best in the resource market. With digital revolutions exposing skill gaps among people, reskilling and upskilling employees at regular intervals is the need of the hour. With AI, you can create and access the best courses and training modules that contribute to the holistic development of your employees. 

Since digitalization is the talk of the town these days, a good way to improve skill sets is by creating content in a way that’s trending. To gain their interest, video learning content is most apt. Furthermore, this video content will also boost conversions on your page and also enable a smooth onboarding process. The focus is on creating a future-ready workforce that isn’t negatively influenced in their career and professional lives, thanks to effective training.

Measures employee performance 

Your job isn’t done once you welcome an employee onboard. In fact, your duty towards the company increases as you need to constantly check that the recruit is actually helpful for the company. AI video content tracks and measures employee performance at all stages. It also helps create learning modules that suit the person’s needs.

With such a system of training your employees, you can always be assured of the fact that your current workforce is all you need at that point in time. Constant monitoring and feedback will help you realize which employees are genuinely putting effort and those who are faking it or are disinterested. Data on employee performance will be helpful in realizing the people you need and the people you need to let go of while also filling the gaps in your training process. 

Derives insights from employee data

With artificial intelligence, employers and trainers can get closer to understanding the psychology of each employee. When you deploy AI-powered video learning in your company’s network, the AI will start gathering data about the employees, their preferences, their effectiveness and their output. As most companies have remote working systems in place, doing so will help you understand your employees more intimately.  

AI-driven methods don’t just cover one aspect but can efficiently deliver data on other aspects of the company. While onboarding and training are at the forefront, you can use them to create leaders within the company and bring all departments together irrespective of their position, background, location, and other demographics. These insights you gather go a long way in improving work culture and employee behavior in the company. 

Eliminates bias from the onboarding and training process

While it’s not uncommon to see humans preferring certain people over others, AI is something that sees things objectively. AI-backed employee training eliminates any personal biases throughout the training and development process. It’s easy for managers to create assessments that are inclined towards the proficiency of employees, ignoring other components of the industry. AI, on the other hand, uses concrete and factual data to create accurate training courses. 

People in your company may bring down the training efficiency through their subjective outlook. AI takes its time to understand the behavior, practices, interests, practical experience and other factors to provide training in the best possible manner. Poor learning and low productivity backed by humans may stop you from achieving certain overall goals, but AI will not. 

Develops scripts and translations for training videos

Researching and developing content for training that suit everybody in your company is time-consuming. These days when companies hire talent from various locations across the globe, additional time is needed to create training content in multiple languages. Furthermore, the script for these videos may be changed based on the audience demographic. 

AI is such a powerful solution for companies as it has the capability to develop video content with proper script and language asap. It uses just the right amount of resources for the company and delivers 10x more results through interactive training sessions. It also reduces the dependency on training instructors by making the video accessible from anywhere and anytime as per the employee’s schedule. 

AI-video learning through the lens

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technologies, especially for employee training and development, if used properly. It can not improve learning techniques but also improve employee engagement and interaction, which are needed for the company to stand strong. When you apply AI-powered tools, you are contributing to the well-being, productivity, and efficiency of every single person associated with your company. That’s where the real wealth of your company lies.

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