How Non-profit Organizations Can Effectively Use Workast

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How Non-profit Organizations Can Effectively Use Workast

Communication applications, video conferencing software, and cloud-based collaboration solutions are among the tools that organizations use in carrying out their task management plans.

While these tools aid in managing and monitoring different projects, they might not have all the features that non-profits need to effectively boost productivity and improve overall efficiency.

This is where Workast comes into play. Workast is an application that offers powerful features to help non-profit organizations improve their task management routines. It even integrates with existing software to enhance user experience and makes it easier to collaborate, monitor, and even discuss important project matters.

Here are some Workast features that you can use and integrate with your existing productivity tools and boost your organization's task management strategies.

Convenient Checklists

Checklists offer a clear outline of what needs to be done to complete a project or assignment. It also ensures that all necessary actions are taken in an organized fashion to avoid leaving out anything that might affect the outcome.

If you’re using Slack to communicate with your teams, you can easily create a checklist in any of your channels when you integrate Workast into your workspace. The best part about this integration is that anyone can add and tick off an item from the checklist.

You can also create an unlimited amount of checklists per channel and name each of them for better organization.

Whether the task is as simple as creating letterhead templates or as crucial as reaching out to benefactors, you can put them all on your checklist to ensure that everything is laid out for completion.

Faster Work Reports

It’s important to know what tasks your staff is working on and which ones have been completed to ensure that all of them meet their deadlines. But with so many members working on different assignments, it can be difficult to keep track of who’s doing what.

Workast Reports is a convenient solution to this problem. This feature allows you to get valuable insights and custom reports using different parameters or filters. You can create reports based on the built-in categories for Workast (e.g. due date, status, completed, summary, list, etc).

You can also save these reports and update them automatically as more changes are made. Once saved, you can find the summaries in the taskbar under the Workast reporting section. Having this quick access to saved records allows you to easily monitor your team’s work, check their outputs, understand your members’ productivity levels, and get more things done.

Moreover, you can name your saved reports to make them easier to identify. You can even share them with your team — whether or not they use Workast — for hassle-free information dissemination.

Using Workast Reports also helps your organization embrace data system consolidation. It does so by conveniently gathering and providing access to key information about your projects in one place, making it a breeze to handle each of them.

Easy Data Collection

Gathering data and information is crucial when running a nonprofit organization. This action allows your organization to determine the status and impact of its projects, make informed decisions, promptly respond to challenges, and create effective strategies to engage supporters and benefactors.

Gathering insights within your organization is also important as collecting information outside of it to achieve the aforementioned results. You can now do this within your Slack channels with Workast’s form extension.

This tool allows you to easily gather data from prospect research reports, surveys, and other valuable information from your team, partners, and even clients without leaving your Slack channels. However, note that you can only create the forms in the Workast web app and not directly on Slack.

The main advantage of this feature is that you can make different types of forms — be it collecting in-office surveys, approving requests, onboarding new staff members, or asking for client information.

Productive Meetings

Meetings can be unproductive and not worth the time. With Workast's Meeting integration, you can make the most out of your team assemblies and yield effective results that will improve your projects and the overall efficiency of the organization.

This integration offers different features to streamline your meetings. One of which is creating an agenda that helps everyone stay on track during the assembly. You can also attach files and other resources to the agenda, thereby allowing participants to get an idea of what the meeting is about and make appropriate preparations.

Another useful feature is the Meeting action item. This tool allows the designated member to document action items and turn them into tasks during the meeting. They can even reference action items from past assemblies to check their progress and ask for follow-ups if needed.

Workast Meeting also offers a system that organizes your video conferences, provides quick information on your meeting agendas and allows you to easily sort through your upcoming schedules.

Improved Productivity with Workast Tools

Non-profit organizations must have impeccable task management routines to effectively implement their projects.

By integrating Workast tools into their existing productivity solutions, nonprofits can effectively prioritize the right tasks at the right time, get actionable insights, keep track of all activities, stay on top of deadlines, and build better communication among their team members.

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