Unlocking Productivity: Habits and Techniques for Achieving More in Less Time

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Unlocking Productivity Habits and Techniques for Achieving More in Less Time

Productivity is a habit that becomes difficult for most individuals after a while, especially with a monotone work week. There is often an air of mysticism surrounding productivity which can be observed when people start truly reflecting on how they can become more productive during their work hours or in their personal lives. 

There are many ways to go about increasing your productivity. It is a necessity nowadays since statistics have shown that during an 8-hour workday, people spend an average of 3 hours being truly productive. There is an ongoing debate about whether success is earned through hard work or luck, but there is no doubt success needs to be worked for at least somewhat. 

There are countless inspiring and successful individuals who have shared or proven how their productivity has led to their success. Finding the right job through Lensa can also aid you in feeling more accomplished. We will be scouring through all the current tips and tricks to increase your productivity either temporarily or permanently. The key is to have the commitment and make these habits part of your regular lifestyle. 

How to maintain healthy productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, we can find ourselves under a lot of pressure to perform extremely well always. This can lead you down a road of overworking yourself until you burn out. Toxic productivity is a term that is rarely used, yet this phenomenon is common among all workers presently. 

Working non-stop is an unhealthy habit and stems from needing to always achieve more. This is paired with positive feedback and praise from most people, especially superiors. Always doing something is an unbalanced way of life, and humans will always need rest after a while. 

It is a better method to do as much as you physically and mentally can and take rests so you can create a healthy habit of improving and achieving your goals without being overwhelmed. 

Define a goal 

Before starting to delve into your smaller goals, you should create a pathway for where it will lead you. Defining a larger goal will help you give purpose to what you are doing and motivate you to achieve your small goals in the process. 

Remember you can have multiple larger goals since life is about always learning and improving, so avoid falling into a crisis about your existence. Instead, find satisfaction in the things you achieve and your personal life. 

To define larger goals, start by imagining where you see yourself in a few years or what larger life goals you may want to reach. The positive part of our world is that having a career allows you to do other things in your personal life as well. Life is a learning curve, thus remember to have various large goals and prepare for hindrances that may change said goals. 

Start small every day

The best way to get into the groove of things is to begin setting goals day by day. This method can be done in multiple ways, either keeping a list in your head or, what works for most, is to write your daily goals down so you can keep a tally. Even if you don’t reach every goal, some is better than none, and you’ve already increased your productivity by simply finishing one. 

Writing goals down can also help in task identification. You can try arranging the tasks from most important to least important and moving the lesser ones to the next day. Make sure not to fall into the habit of procrastinating less-important goals by giving yourself a daily limit. 

Repetitive labor is also an important part of your every day, focus on finishing those and making it a habit rather than a chore. 

Difficult comes first

As unpleasant as it may seem, starting with the hardest thing is the most productive method for finishing your tasks. If you use the rule of importance, it should be the first thing on your list. By doing the hardest thing first, you give yourself the time to do it correctly. Worry not if you only finish your hardest task that day since the less important ones can wait anyway. 

Create a healthy environment

Where you do your tasks matter greatly. A good work environment will drastically increase your productivity, as will a home you enjoy living in. To create a productive environment, start by removing any distracting elements such as clutter, your phone, noisy objects, and so on. This will help you solely focus on the task at hand and not be deterred by other smaller tasks. 

A healthy environment also involves a place where you feel comfortable and collected. Working in a space with natural light that has few distractions but is still pleasant is extremely important. If you work alone, make sure you have a space where you can separate yourself from people or things happening around you, such as shutting your office door. 

Pick the right time

Everyone is different, meaning everyone has different hours of productivity. This is why people say there are night owls and early birds. That burst of creativity and energy is what will make or break you from reaching your goals in the long run. For most people, their productivity window is between the morning and early afternoon. 

Have the right habits 

Studies have found that pursuing fitness and overall well-being tends to increase productivity in people. The necessity of creating a habit out of fitness trains you on how to reach goals and set smaller ones too. Eating habits can also influence your productivity, so try to not have hefty meals during the day if you have a lot going on since they can tire you out prematurely. 

Use tools

There are countless planner apps and various methods, such as journals and calendars, that can help you communicate your goals to yourself as well as organize them. Your thoughts can often become disarranged when you have a lot going on, putting them outside your head is optimal for your productivity and achieving your goals. 


As hard as it may seem, if you set realistic goals for yourself every day and in the future as well, you are bound to reach most of them. The saying Goals Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that also goes for your life path. 

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