Workast & Integrately: 9 Ways to Step Up Your Business Game

Byon February 16#product

There's no question that businesses need to step up their game to stay competitive in today's market.

But with so many tools and platforms available, it can be tough to know where to start. That's where Workast comes in.

With our powerful integrations and features, you can easily boost your business productivity and performance. 

Manage your tasks, collaborate with your team members, discuss important matters and keep track of everything in one place.

With its handy integration with Integrately, you can supercharge your workflow and stay on top of the projects.

Go through this article and find out 9 ways to make the most of this powerhouse integration:

For teams who share a workspace:

Almost all organizations prefer to speed up the collaboration by sharing workspaces for communication on apps like Slack. It also provides a better work experience.

Integrately allows you to connect Workast with your workspace in just a few clicks!

For example: Use Workast to manage your projects by creating lists/boards, assigning tasks, setting up deadlines, etc. 

Automate it further with Integrately like:

Create a task in Workast and send direct messages or group messages on your Slack channel.

Also, you can go the other way around to add a task to Workast when someone creates a message on Slack or mentions you.

Setup time tracker for your teams: 

If you are looking for a better way to monitor the time spent on tasks, setting up a time tracker is a great idea.

You can use Clockify, Timecamp, Toggle for this, and Integrately can help with automation.

For example:

When you create a task in Workast, you can automate Clockify to create a task that starts tracking the time. 

You can even take this further to send a mail to the concerned person. Workast also has the ability to add time to a task manually if automated time tracking isn't for you.

Make your sales and marketing smarter:

CRM plays a very important role in sales and marketing besides being a customer service tool.

You can integrate popular CRMs like Companyhub, Salesforce, and Pipedrive with Workast. It helps you achieve better results.

For example: When you add a new lead in Companyhub, Workast can automatically create a task to follow up with that lead.

You can also use automation to keep track of the tasks assigned to different sales reps and measure their performance.

This way, you have all your sales data at your fingertips and can make smarter decisions about where to focus your efforts.


Prospects at your fingertips: 

Prospect generation software like Hunter, Aeroleads, Lusha lets you easily add people as leads.

With the help of Workast, you can create tasks related to these leads and keep track of them in one place.

This way, you never lose track of a prospect!

You can also use Integrately’s automation to send emails to the concerned person and to update the status.

Make data-driven decisions faster with automated surveys:

For businesses that drive their decisions on data, surveys are a great way to get feedback.

With the help of Workast and apps like SurveyMonkey, you can easily create tasks related to surveys and keep track of them in one place.

Automating this process  helps you gather data quickly and make decisions faster!

Time to be smart with your business payments and to-do lists:

For e-commerce businesses, when someone places an order, you can create a task in Workast to update the inventory.

This provides an up-to-date list of all the products sold and you can manage your stock better.

You can also automate the generation of invoices and sending them to the required customer.

Besides, if you accept payment for orders online, you can use automation to create a task in Workast for updating the payment status.

This way, you have a record of all your payments and can keep track of them easily!

Make learning easy and convenient:

For businesses who are into online coaching and conduct courses on platforms like Kajabi, Workast + Integrately can help you too.

You can create offers on your platforms like Kajabi and have your automation create a task in Workast to update the customer's status. 

This way, you not only have an easy way to keep track of your customers but also about their experience with your courses!

Streamline your publishing process by post automation in CMS:

The publishing process can be tedious. 

You need to create a post, send it for review, and then approve the changes.

With automation in CMS like WordPress, you can publish posts on the website or blog and simultaneously add them as tasks in Workast. 

It helps you keep track of all your posts.

Do you know what’s wrong? Make it easy to tell!

Workast is not just limited to the above applications, but in the case of a software business, you can also use it for bug reporting and feedback.

Just use Integrately and create automation to add bugs and feedback as tasks in Workast from tools like Userback.

It becomes easy for you to understand all the issues that your users are facing!


Workast with Integrately can surely help you step up your business game by automating tedious and time-consuming tasks.

With 9 powerful integrations, there’s something for everyone!

Time tracker for teams, form submissions that make life easy, prospects at your fingertips, data-driven decisions faster– to name a few!

So what are you waiting for? 

Get started today and see how easy it is to manage your projects using Workast with Integrately.

Make teamwork simple with Workast