How to create a task in Workast Mobile

To create a task in the mobile app:


Press the + button in the bottom middle of the app. This will open the task creation screen.


Choose the space in which you'd like to create the task by clicking the arrow on the right and scrolling up and down then clicking on the space.  


Choose the list within your space the same way, click on the arrow and scroll up and down to see the lists within your chosen space, then click on the list in which you'd like to create the task.


Type your task title under the "Summary" heading.


Add a description under the "Description" heading if desired (optional.)


Click on "Due Date" to add a due date. Select the due date from the calendar.  If you want to add a due time, click on "Add due time". Use the scroll wheels to select your due time (The due time is only available in the 12 hour clock at this time.)  If you want to add a start time or add a repeating task option, click "More options".  


Click "Assign task" to assign the task to a user.  The members of the space will appear automatically, click "Show all" to see all the members of your team.  Click on a user's name to assign the task.  Repeat for multiple assignees.


Click "Select a tag" to add a tag* to your task.  The tags in use in the space will appear.  To see all the tags created for your team, click "Show all" or use the search bar to search for a tag.  Click on the tag to add it to the task. To learn how to create a tag, click here


If you want to create additional tasks, check the "Create another" box.  


Click "Add task" to create your task.

* Some features such as tag creation are only available with certain Workast plans. For more information on our various plans, click here.

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