6 Ways to Get More Out of Slack for Your Online Business

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6 Ways to Get More Out of Slack for Your Online Business

Managing teams in the workplace is a huge responsibility. From onboarding to training teams and communicating work priorities, it can be challenging for businesses, especially SMBs, to manage daily operations seamlessly.

Slack is an excellent app for real-time communication and collaboration in an organization. It can help businesspeople communicate daily work requirements while staying informed on projects. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface allows online businesses to collaborate with ease.

So, deploying a Slack task list can help foster a positive work culture, thereby encouraging the team to deliver peak performance. No wonder, Slack has 10+ million daily active users.

This post will share the six best ways SMB owners and managers can get more out of Slack.

#1: Create Specific Channels for Effective Communication

Slack organizes team conversations into standardized spaces referred to as "channels." 

Creating channels can help managers share everyday tasks and communicate efficiently. The dedicated channels can help everyone convey their thoughts and foster quick decision-making.

However, managers need to create separate channels to ensure effective collaboration. 

For instance, managers can use channels to create a to-do list in Slack for brainstorming, project-related discussions, and more. This can help them handle tasks with more clarity. 

Here are a few tips for managers to consider. 

Put Channel Naming Conventions in Place: Channel names should follow a standard structure. It can help business professionals to access required information with a few clicks. So, create standard channel naming conventions. 

For instance, a courier service provider could create a channel naming convention as - [Company Name]. [Channel Name]

Example: [PACK&SEND]. [Courier Status]

Here's how we created the channel - #pack&send-courier-status


Similarly, a project management software provider could create a channel to track customer order status as - [Workast]. [Customer Order Status]

Notice the naming convention - #workast-customer-order-status


The software provider, Workast, can create various channels to track different operations as -

[Workast]. [Delivery Reports]

[Workast]. [Customer Feedback]

[Workast]. [New Feature Work Progress]

Besides, Slack offers the provision to add a short description of the channel.  Once you standardize the conventions, finding the required channels becomes easy.

Create a Channel for Cross-Functional Projects: Cross-functional projects involve professionals with different expertise. They work towards achieving a common goal. However, their distinct background and profiles can create a communication gap. This can impact productivity and work efficiency. 

So, create a channel to interact and provide work-related approvals to cross-functional teams. This can help keep everyone on the same page. Besides, the managers can track project progress with ease. 

Create Various Team Channels: Dedicate several channels for teams to interact and have fun. This can help them combat work-related stress and anxiety. This can help boost their productivity and efficiency. 

#2: Use Polls to Encourage Quick Decision-Making

Slack polls can help businesspeople gauge their team's opinion without hassles. 

Authorities can use polls to nurture an engaged community by understanding their viewpoint. Besides, Slack polls can help gather work-related information, fostering quick decision-making. 

Here's a quick example. See how team leaders ask their teammates to share their dietary preferences for team lunches.


Besides, they can create work-related polls. For instance, they can ask the team to choose a better piece of headline for an article. 

Here's how -

Click the "compose" option to create the poll question.

Insert various emojis for voting options using blockquote as depicted in the above-shared example. 

Send the poll message and wait for teammates to share their votes.

#3: Leverage Audio and Video Calling with Screen Sharing Options

Audio and video calling can help online businesses save time, cut travel expenses, and boost team productivity. 


Slack's built-in calling feature allows professionals to share screens and conduct video and audio calling sessions for project-related discussions. Besides, Slack enables the integration of apps like Cisco Webex or Zoom Meetings for seamless video conferencing.

Notice the following screenshot. The "call" icon connects teammates instantly. This can help improve team communication and productivity. 

#4: Use Google Calendar to Track Projects

The Google Calendar app integration allows managers to schedule team meetings. They can even invite clients for project-related conversations by sharing meeting links. This can enhance collaboration and help them keep a tab on multiple projects.


Besides, they can create and track checklists and crucial deadlines. 

What's more? Slack notifies everyone of upcoming meetings so that no one misses out on any vital discussions. 

Slack allows sharing of project-related files with an easy drag-and-drop option. Working professionals can select a channel or a colleague profile to drag and drop the files. 

Notice how easy the process is. You can even add a personalized message to help your team.


This reduces the need for deploying expensive file-sharing tools. Besides, this can help businesses with the following:

Sharing and retaining knowledge 

Providing a secure environment for data access and sharing

Offering instant feedback platform

Enabling smooth collaboration

Building a community and learning culture

If you want to access files shared in the past, click the "i" icon and expand the file list.

#6: Pro Tip: Integrate Workast for Seamless Operations 

Workast is one of the best project management tools. Integrating Workast with Slack can help teams manage projects, stay organized, track their activities, and achieve better business outcomes. This tool allows managers to streamline work processes, delegate tasks, and gain insights into work progress.

Hero image - Marketing

What makes Workast integration with Slack unique?

Unlike regular project management apps, notifications directly come on Slack.

Managers can create and assign tasks with a slash command (/to-do) or shortcuts menu.

It offers a provision to add descriptions and deadlines for each task.

Teams can customize daily reminders.

Installing Workast to Slack takes less than a minute.

The cost-efficiency of Workast makes it the best option for businesses, especially SMBs. 

Businesspeople can sync software like Google Calendar, iCloud, and more using Workast.

Here's what Danielle Lera, Project Manager, Smack Happy Design says about Workast:

"The ease of use from Slack. We're a remote team and rely heavily on Slack to communicate. Without it, I wonder if we'd be where we're now."


Building a successful online business starts with building a productive team. 

Slack can help bridge the communication gap and enhance collaboration between teams. The shared tactics can help the team align with the business vision and build a collaborative work environment. 

Besides, integrating project management tools like Workast can streamline work processes, thereby ensuring high productivity

So, follow the mentioned tips and supercharge your Slack workspace for the best business outcomes. 

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