How to create a new Space

Workast is the ideal place to plan, deploy, and complete a project or an event. You can create a Space for the project, create lists, add team members, and assign tasks all within the Workast web app. Click here to sign up.

Creating a Space 

To create a space in the Workast web app:


Click on + next to "Spaces" in your left-hand taskbar. A space creation dialogue will open. 


Name: Name your space.


Type: Pick which type of Space you are creating.


Privacy: Select who can join the space. The default selection is "Anyone in the workspace" which makes it a public space.  To change the space to private, click the button next to "Only people invited".


Click the blue "Create" button.


A new dialogue will open. You can choose to:

a) Start from scratch: which means that your space will be empty

b) Choose a template from your own custom templates library

c) Choose a template from our templates library. You can see all templates here.

Templates are useful if it's a repetitive project that requires the same set of tasks. To learn how to create and use templates click here.

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To learn how to create a space from a private Slack channel, click here.  

To learn more about creating projects in Workast, click here.

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