Top 6 SaaS Software to Use in 2022

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Until next year, the SaaS industry is expected to have a value of about $172 billion. In many cases, SaaS is what makes benefits outweigh its costs. You have to pay hundreds of dollars for an application that can be used for a minimal fee with SaaS. 

However, if you want to stand out in today's competition, you will need to adapt to new strategies associated with SaaS. 

2022 is here, so to make this year more effective for you, we will show you the top SaaS software you can use in your business this year. 

6 best SaaS software for your business in 2022

1. Murf AI


Murf AI is an online SaaS tool that converts AI text to voice generation in just a few minutes. It is well suited for individual content creators and enterprises. Murf AI provides you with ultra-realistic voices, giving you the power to choose from over 100 voices and 19 languages. 

The SaaS software is loaded with many features and allows you to sync your presentation or video with voice overs, saving you time from searching for third-party tools to do this. 

Pricing with Murf begins for free and goes up to $125 per month. With Murf's best plan, the unique features you receive are custom voice generation time, SSO, collaboration features, custom transcription time, and much more. 

2. Happy Scribe 


Similar to Murf AI, Happy Scribe is an automatic transcription service tool available in more than 120 languages. You can use it as an online tool to add subtitles to your video in just a few minutes. 

Happy Scribe transcribes text in two different forms. One is automatic transcription services, while the other is human-made. With automatic transcription services, you get a free trial and then pay 0.20 Euros per minute with an accuracy of 85%. On the other hand, human-made transcription services grant you a guaranteed 99% accuracy and charge you 1.70 Euros per minute. 

3. Engati 


Engati is a free, live chat & no-code chatbot platform that allows you to build AI chatbots to engage with real-time conversations on Messenger, WhatsApp, websites, Viber, Instagram, and many others applications. With the chatbot platform, you can leverage machine learning, and the platform supports copy, analytics, intelligent paths, and private labeling. 

The chatbots that are created with Engati help drive conversions and sales. Additionally, you don't have to be an expert in setting them up, so it is a win-win situation for your business. 

Pricing with Engati starts free of charge. Their best plan- the Enterprise plan, grants you three months of free service and is a custom plan, meaning that you will be charged based on which features you use. 

The Business plan is just before the enterprise plan, where both support creating WhatsApp chatbots. However, you will be paying $249 per month and get three months for free with the business plan. 

4. Slack 

If you are working remotely or have an application that you use to communicate at the office, you most likely know about Slack. Slack is a SaaS tool that brings teams together through digital spaces

The platform makes it relatively easy to share information across its application. It keeps internal teams well organized and allows you to chat, go on a video call, and manage tasks easily. 

Additionally, Slack also integrates well with other SaaS tools. Slack's API allows new integrations, whereas its most popular integrations are with Workast, Google, Salesforce, and many others. 

Many businesses will use Slack only because it is free to download and use. Although there are some limitations with their free plan. If you want to go more advanced and don't want to encounter any limitations, then consider subscribing to their Business plan for $12.50 per month. 

5. DropBox

DropBox is a cloud-based platform that allows files to be shared easily from anywhere you are, even from your mobile device. The tool has an open API, meaning that it works with every platform and is only continuing to expand the number of devices it supports. 

Storage with the free plan is limited, so if you transfer many files, it would be best to go with the Dropbox business plan that grants you unlimited storage for every file type. You have to keep in mind that files will take up much more storage when you share files with your clients or business partners. 

The Dropbox business plan for advanced teams begins at $20 per month per user, and the best thing is that it allows you to try it out for free. 

6. SEMrush

If you care about the amount of traffic coming to your website, then, Semrush is the right solution to go with. 

SEMrush shows you the mistakes you have on your website and thus, gives you an edge with Search engine optimization (SEO). 

With this kind of SaaS software, you can find the right keywords for your website or blog and fix all technical issues that arise. So, if you want to start a blog or find out why your website traffic is growing slowly or isn't growing, then SEMrush is the software to use. 

What is so good about SEMrush is its ability to show you the competitiveness of a keyword and recommend which keywords to use. 

Pricing with SEMrush begins free, although if you want to maximize your SEO results, you can go with their business plan, which costs $449.95 per month. It may look expensive, but the results you get exceed your expenses. 

With that said, marketing your SaaS business effectively requires more than just SEO. In fact, you can’t create an optimal lead generation strategy without defining your buyer persona, studying your competition, or setting your marketing goals first. To learn more about the ins and outs of SaaS marketing, check out Leadfeeder's article on effective SaaS marketing strategies.

Wrapping it up 

Well, we come to the end of this article. Hopefully, now, you are better informed of which SaaS software you should use in 2022. It is a new year, and this means new opportunities arise.  

Each software listed has its own unique features, so we recommend you reach carefully through them and see how it could help your business. 

Otherwise, even if you use all of these SaaS software, they will make you stand out because they provide unique features that you can use for the best of your business. 

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